Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm ready to go Black

Ok I think I'm ready to retire this red hair for good, I've had it for few years and I want to get back to how I use to look. I was always of fan of jet black hair, but I really don't know if my hair can take another dye job. But I'm in a new space in my life now, and its important to me to project a look that synonymous with my younger years.

To be honest I am approaching that 7 year itch and want to do something different with my hair Maybe regular sized locks. just as long as my hair stays clean, that is really all I'm concerned about. As you all know I am not a fan of putting alot of things in the hair. It weighs down the locks over time and make them stink and dirty.

Oh well we'll see how things go.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My New Home

So I have a new home for this raw food coaching stuff. I am revealing a lot of things about myself here. I am stripping naked for all to see and it feels good! I wanted a place were i can really dig into the raw food lifestyle and also to get people clear about what they need to do to lose the darn weight once and for all.

I will continue posting about hair and the dos and don't of this 'Hair Thing" but i feel my mission in health is taking more priority especially since I am meeting so many women with health problems. I will post advice and step by step information for anyone who needs it, and i will give specific information for those who need one-on-one coaching too.

I love all of you and pray for healing.


Monday, December 17, 2007

When I Kissed His Face...

When I kissed his face, I realized the man I loved was gone. It didn't seem real to until that moment. Every memory of what he was in my life came rushing back to me like a flash of light. It mad me weak at in the knees. The thought of him not being there anymore. I would never hear the roar of his laughter, or the pace of his foot steps, or the stories of legends. I always wanted to be the one to bring him is plate of food, or eavesdrop on juicy conversations. If I wasn't clear about something, I came to him and with clock-like precision, my answer was given.

But when I kissed his face, his cold face in that coffin, I knew he was gone. My Dad was gone. Before he passed away, I had very deep conversation with him. I had the opportunity to thank him for everything he did for me and my siblings. I told him that it was an honor to have him as my dad.

He cried.

I never saw him get emotional like that so it made me cry. He said, "No one ever told me thank you. No one ever said they honored me. You don't know what it means to me to hear you say that. I love You.."

Do you know how painful it is to lose someone because of food. Because they didn't know or have the strength to change.

The wrong food killed my dad. I didn't have the understanding in time to save him, but I can help you!

I want you to be your best. Losing weight and getting healthy is easy to do. You just need guidance. And if I can help in any way please let me know.

478 501-7836

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free Teleconference Coaching

Ok ladies its that time again! Are you ready for hear the secret to permanent weight loss? Then join me tomorrow night for fun, knowledge and inspiration. Get slim and sexy for the new year!

This is a free weight loss coaching call. All you have to do is tune in and hear my simple techniques for losing weight.

This session is called:

"Get Rid Of This"You will find out exactly how to lose weight now!

What to incorporate in your food choices immediately
What to avoid immediately
What dialog you need to have to maintain your goals.
What I did to lose 80 pounds

Again, I am spilling the beans and letting it all hang out. Your going to hear stuff about me that I've never discussed publicly so I hope you are ready!

The instructions are below

Guest Instructions

Conference Date: [December 16, 2007]

Conference Time: [6:00 pm est]

Dial-in Number: 1-503-767-1200

PIN Code: 52413#

1. At conference time, dial the Conference Dial-In number above.

2. At the prompt, enter the PIN Code followed by the # key.

3. You will hear music until the Leader enters the call.


Natural Wonders

sea+moss.jpg (image)

Sea Moss is good for the hair and skin as well body!
Sea Moss is a miracle food. I take this everyday for nutrients and provides 102 minerals. Its good for hypertension, helps to eliminate waste from the cells. It your mucous build-up, it will sweep it away. Very high in calcium, magnesium,and iron. It usually comes in powered form and sometimes looks green or red depending on where its harvested.

You can make a shake with it, sprinkle some in your soups and salads. I mix it with cold water(8oz) and drink it. Not the most appetizing, but I feel it is most effective this way. Oh, and it does a an "ocean" smell to it that some people find repulsive, but I say that if its good for the body, use it!

Its no more repulsive than eating seasoned poo-poo ^)(steak, chicken etc..

The best Sea Moss I have found is from This stuff will give you energy and curve your appetite too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sisterlocks New Pictures

I thought I'd show some new pics and I know it's long overdue.

Kamut Berries

Ok. I have an alternative to all you heavy rice eaters. Its called kamut (kaamoot) and its an ancient grain from Eygpt that's ver high in protein and amino acids. When cooked it has a chew nutty flavor that is so much tastier than rice or even brown rice. It doesn't spike sugar levels thereby keeping glucose levels stable throughout the day. The best way to eat it would be to sprout them, but if you must cook it, then put it in soup. Maybe a split pea soup with cilantro, thyme, sea salt, garam masala and cherry tomatoes. Really good. My brother says it reminds him of eating meat!

You may be able to get some at Whole Foods market or on line of course. So for those who are looking for transitional foods this would be a good "meat" alternatives especially if you make lentil burgers and such.

I will be giving more details on my weight loss coaching for all my sistahs who need help in this matter. I've been there, and I know how important support is when our trying to make life changes. Join me for more information on one on one coaching and group teleconference sessions.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

You Can Do it!

You can do it ladies. I know that I have been raving about eating right and weight loss for a while now and eventually I'll have to move this discussion to another blog, but I wanted to catch all my sistahs who are struggling with health and weight issues. I like focusing on "natural" sistas for a few reasons:

1)Many of you still eat soy products like(tofu,soy burgers,soy ice cream) and this is just not healthy! You think because your vegetarian that your somehow doing something special by consuming so much of this waste product but it is a slow death ladies.

Why is soy bad? Because not only is a waste product of soy oil production, it was not even invented for human consumption. It was used as fertilizer and it wasn't until the fermentation process was discovered that it began being food.

The original soy food was in the form of (miso,tempeh) not the crap that is marketed as high-end food in over priced stores like Whole Foods.

So the arguement that Asians have been eating soy for centurys is true but not in the amount or the form that we americans eat it today. Most Asian countries(Japan, China,Taiwan,Korea) only eat between 9-36 grams of soy per day! So while your eating soy sausage links for breakfast, a tofu salad for lunch and tofu stir-fry for dinner, YOU HAVE OVERDOSED!

Whats make this bad? The phyto-estrogens
This compound becomes present because of the way the soy is process. It mimics human estrogen and is the cause of many dysfunctions in women including Fibroid, Tumors,Heavy Menstrual Bleeding etc. For men its the Enlarged prostate!

And check this: Do you know that if you are giving your baby soy formula as its only source of food that it is the equivalent of 3-4 birth control pills in their systems. Boys who have been fed a soy diet as babies are now developing female breasts and small penises!

Another thing to eliminate is Meat! I know that I said it before so I'll make my point quick

Do not let anyone fool you into believing that these foods will nourish your body. I am crying out to my sistahs because we are the first Doctors. We are the ones to see something wrong with any member of our families. If we change, the rest of the family will follow.

Natural hair is a great thing. For many of us, its like being more connected to our creator. It's like we give honor and glory to our creator by embracing our natural hair; its our uniqueness. But I say that we need more than the outer appearance to give honor to our creator. Our bodies tell us what is natural for it. We have to start listening to it and giving what it needs so that we can truly be closer to GOD. How can you truly live if you wake up each mourning hating your body, or have aches and pains, sickness and disease?

Sisterlocks is a movement that has changed black women's lives and I hope to do the same for your bodies as well

A Million Hugs and Kisses My Sistahs


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Free Teleconference Coaching

Hey ladies, I have been talking about health so much these days because I am really passionate about looking and feeling good. I want all of you ladies who are ready to make a change to come join me for a Free Teleconference Seminar.
You will find out more about me and how I lost my excess weight. You will also get a jump start on your own weight loss goals.

The purpose for this free seminar is to get all my sisters ready for the new year. Don't wait for your transformation, TAKE IT!

This weeks topics will cover

Soy, is it really good for us?

The one thing you should consume right now to stat your weight loss program

The one food to take out of your menu for rapid weight loss

What exersizes can transform your body quickly

Mind set(90% of problem)Learn techniques to change your mindset for permanent weightloss.

To join dial; 616-712-8000 ,when prompted dial access code 720538#

at 6 p.m. eastern standard time Sunday December 2, 2007 join me for fun, education, and motivation

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I just wanted to show you guys what I looked like before losing 80 pounds. I thought that it was my cross to bear. This was what I was supposed to look like. I didn't have the courage or the know-how to transform my body into what I thought was ideal.

How many of you are thinking "This is how God made me, I can't change!" Well my friends, weight is one of the few things that we can control.
I grew up in a typical West Indian home; curry goat, rice&peas, bake and shark, stew pork,rum cake, sorrel,roti, breadfruit etc..

I was a food slut! If you offered it to me, I ate it. I remember waking up in the middle of the night(3am) and I'd heat up a whole plate of food and eat for an hour, then go back to bed.

It was comforting to me, or so I thought.

I'd go on crash diets. One week it would be only packaged juices, then I got a juicer and went on a juicing frenzy and even juiced POTATOES(yuk!), then I would take pills and my hands would shake so much that I couldn't work, then I drank milk for a week on the advice of someone(whew! that was gross), then I ate only meat for a month, then I drank 2 gallons of water a day for a week(I thought I would explode!)Then I did 1 meal a day and ate bubble gum when I was hungry^(

I have done it all, and they all failed. As you can see, most of them I couldn't sustain for more than a week.
Eating habits, to be successful, needs to be something you can maintain for the duration. No crash diets or fads. THEY DON"T WORK!

You could get a head start on your New Years resolution and start your transformation today.

Start with getting rid of the red meat:
1)It takes too long for your system to digest
2)causes bloating and heavy menstrual flow
3) Has no nutritional value
4) Full of bacteria and disease(MAD COW ANYONE)
5)Overworks the body and causes premature aging
6)Makes you smell fowl(in your intimate parts)
7)The cows are being fed dead animals in their feed, forget the "Little House on the Prairie" images and envision cows with cancer being fed paper, cement and dead animals.

Start throwing out the red meat today. Your arteries will thank you^)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What if everything you thought about instantly manifested into existence? What if every thought that you've had today suddenly became real.

Would that be a good thing for you or a bad thing ? If you said bad, it's probably because you are thinking negatively about yourself or something in your life, and although you cannot see your thoughts manifesting instantly into the physical world that we "reality" ,you've still set the heels in motion for those thoughts to take shape.

You had to think about what to wear this morning before you put it on. You thought about what eat for dinner tonight.

You thought about breaking up with your boyfriend before you did it.

There is nothing you can do that does not require thought first.

You may have thought to yourself, "I'm ugly, or I'll never get married, or I'm not a good mother", well guess what! Just as your thoughts made you decide to wear that dress or brush your teeth, your thoughts are also directing the negative internal dialog that says I'm fat, or I'm stupid, or I'm poor.

Your thoughts move you to manifestation. Your thoughts are waves of energy.
Everything has energy. You, me, and apple, an ant, a rock... The more positive your thought(energy) is, the faster it will flow to you. The more negative the energy(thought) is, the slower it will move.

Its like food. All food has energy. Positive foods or high energy foods move though your body quickly(easy bowel movements, clear skin, energy). Low energy foods move though the body slowly(constipation, acne,cancer).

Energy flows though the blood.
In order to raise your hand, electrical impulses are carried to your brain through your blood. Keep this in mind the next time you eat meat. When you eat meat( chicken, turkey, fish, pig etc..) think about thought patterns of the animals as they were being slaugtered for tonights meal. What ever thoughts were locked into the animals' blood before it was killed ,now becomes your own because you consume the blood too.

Keep the blood clean so that your energy(thoughts ) can flow freely.

Think clearly. Think Positively

Everything you do, say or think with repeated focus will manifest itself. So make it something you want.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Was

This was me before I have up all the meat and refined foods. At my heaviest 250 pounds of sadness. So unsexy! So when I tell you that I've been where you are, here's the proof! Decide today that this life is your gift and that you will do hatever it takes to be the woman you dreamed of. hat you think about and what you focus on build in energy and intensity. Focus on what you want to look like, talk to yourself everyday. You may not be 100% everyday, but that inner voice can get you centered very quickly.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Raw Pinapple Coconut Cheese Cake

Yes by people, this is a totally raw dessert! I made the crust from crushed almonds, dates and raisins. The filling was made the milk from a Thai coconut, soaked dates, coconut oil, fresh pineapples, soaked cashews, 2 lemons and a pinch of allspice. I blended the filling until smooth I spread the mixture on top of the almond crust and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

This is truly a satisfying dish for the sweet tooth person.

I'll say it again, raw is the best way to go for beauty and overall health.
some of the benefits I've seen from eating this way are:

No body odor
easy bowel movement(frequently too)
weight loss
increased energy
no metal flog
extremely calm
peaceful sleep
tighter skin
glowing skin
No bad breathe

The reasons for all this is because of less oxygen being used to digest the foods I am eating. I would say to start with having a smoothie in the mornings. A simple one would be the spinach/banana smoothie. You'll get all the fiber, minerals, potassium you'll need to carry you through the day. I especially like this drink for smoother bowel movements. EVERYTHING COMES OUT!! plus it tastes good too. Just take 2 ripe frozen bananas and one bunch of spinach and blend until smooth.

It is really important for those who have blood sugar problems to get enough greens into their diets. Also get some Irish Moss (its rich in 102 minerals) and add that to your smoothie too.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raw Spaghetti for my Sistahs

Ok folks this my Raw Spaghetti. This is a completely raw dish: nothing cooked. I made the sauce from fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, dates, onions, celtic sea salt, fresh dill and thyme. The noodles portion is made from zucchini thats been sliced into thin spirals resembling pasta.

The cheese topping is made from soaked pine nuts, sea salt, nutritional yeast. I blended everything together until smooth and just put some on top of my sauce that was also blended. yummy^)

I know you guy are this working off the holiday turkey but I want you to seriously think about the raw food diet. It i a much healthier way to eat. Want to have rapid weight loss- go raw ladies and the weight will fall off of you.

I love eating raw because the body doesn't have to lose so much oxygen to digest the food. Have you seen people you are totally raw?

They look so beautiful. They have reversed the aging process and allowed there bodies to heal. Don't weight until after the holidays to start your diet program.

Get a head start on your diet right know.

Don't cook your greens any more! Have it in a smoothie form. It's the easiest way to get your daily amount in a delicious way.

Get ome ripe bananas, cut them up and freeze them.

Take a bunch of spinach, put them in your blender along with a little water(2 cups)and add about 2-3 ripe frozen bananas and blend until smooth.

This is a delicious way to get your greens in with all the nutrients left in tact, and because your not juicing it all the fiber is left to do its work in your intestines. No more constipation yahh!!!

Ladies don't tell yourself that you can't do this. You can do better for yourself.

Don't just top with leaving the relaxer alone. There is o much more to this transformation than just embracing your natural hair. It's about natural living too!

The next time you have a craving for turkey or chicken, think about how all the cancer, bacteria and feces your eating. You ay you need protein? Broccoli has protein, almonds, spinach etc.. The only thing you get from animals high cholesterol, infections,heart attacks, diabetes and the list goes on and on.

I love my sistahs and I know for a fact that true transformation starts with a clear mind, and if you consume a high meat based diet as well as refined foods, you are crippling your mind and body and soul.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sisterlocks and Raw Foods

This is a pic I took of chocolate persimmon pudding. This is a Raw Pudding Folks! It was so delicious and creamy just like regular pudding. I used the following

2 ripe persimmons

4 heaping tbsp of raw cocoa powder

coconut water

2 very ripe frozen bananas

7 dates soaked in water overnight

I blended everything together until smooth Yum OH!!

Since going raw, I have lost 7 pounds in like a week. Ladies, if you want to lose weight fast and in a healhy way, GO Raw!!

Meat is jus so harmful for your heart. It clogs the arteries, thickens the blood, decreases circulation.

Cows are fed diseased cows, dead dogs cats etc.. You think cows are being fed grass!

No such luck and to top it off the meat that you buy at the market is full of poop!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Raw

Hello folks, I just thought that I'd touch on eating habits today because of the recent death of my cousin. He died at the age of 39 from a heart attack! People we have to get a handle of what we take into our bodies. Lets not stop with going natural when it comes to our hair. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease is like a plague and too many sistah are recoving from breast cancer among other things. Try to incorperate more fruits and fresh vegetables into your diet. I was a Juice Man Juicer fan before but I realize that the fiber is really what we need to sweep out the colon, control blood sugars and maintain weight.


I typed that in bold because I am screaming this point home to you. It's basically cooked DOO_DOO and they pump the meat full of steriods and antibiotics just so we can eat it without dropping dead immediately. The fat from meat lines the arteries which eventually leads to heart attacks, diabetes and stokes and so on.

Diabetes is not caused by eating to much sugar.
Its actually caused by a high fat diet! The fat in the blood blocks the cells from using the glucose that it gets from the food we eat. Being that the cells can't process the sugar floats around in excess in our blood with no where to go. Reduce the fat and use natural sugars like Agvae Nectar, Date Sugar or Maple syrup and whenever possible just have fruits like oranges, grapefruits,grapes(No Bananas)

I am eating about 80% raw foods and I feel really good.

Whats raw Food? No cooked vegetables and nothing heated passed 110 degrees. My vita mix blender is a life saver whe it comes to eating raw. You can grind almonds into a fine flour, make smoothies with spinach and peaches etc. Its easy to get a bounty of greens if you have it in delicous smoothies. You can also make cheese(no Milk) made from pine nuts or cashews. Raw foods are very sexy and make you look younger too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Love For All

I've been getting anonymous emails in response to my post Natural Hair Sista, Oh Please and not everyone agrees with my views and that is o.k.Dr. Cornwell is responsible for changing peoples view of natural hair, and this is a great thing. My point is that it doesn't stop there IF your goal is to be a totally natural African-American sista in touch with her heritage etc.. I quess I am beyond the brow beating and the "shame on you attitude" that we natural sistas sling around. We wear our hair as a badge of honor and that is a good thing but physiologically all hair is the same: its dead!

I can certainly understand the aggressive stance "we" take it our campaign for acceptance-I have lived my whole life this way. As a dark skinned, I grew up being called black and ugly, tar baby, dark Vader, do-do stain, charcoal and more BY MY OWN PEOPLE! Do you know what kind of pain that is when you are rejected by people that are supposed to love you, people that look just like you but for some reason, they see themselves as separate from you.

That ladies, can change a persons DNA too! You carry that scar in your soul long after it heals and sometimes people will come into your life and try to dig open that scar: they try to make a fresh wound but some of us have managed to put up a good strong wall to block it out. I am as pro black as they come, I let home at 17 and became Muslim. I thought that all white people were devils and light skinned blacks were mutts. It made me feel validated, it made me feel good about myself at that time. The more i live the more I see that the outer shell is just that, a shell!

When I had my last daughter, I had a c-section and shortly after the operation I started hemorrhaging. Blood clots the size of grapefruits were gushing out from between my legs. I was dying. The nurses rushed in and when they lifted the covers and saw all the blood they just looked at each other like they were afraid to touch me. They called the Doctor on staff that night and she gave orders from the foot of my bed not once putting down her clip board to get a closer look at me. I guess she didn't want to get dirty either.

The only nurse that came close and held me was nurse Samatha( a white woman), She cradled me in her arms and looked me straight in the eyes and said,"your going to be o.k. we'll take care of you." I needed to hear those words because i knew from the look on every ones face that I was in serious trouble, but of all of them Samatha held me, wiped my face and told me to hold on. It didn't matter to me what she looked like, what her religion was, if she liked her steak medium rare; none of that mattered. She became my mother at that moment. She kept me calm while the nurse had her fist inside my uterus to get the rest of the blood clots out.
I say all this because at the core of each and every one of us, we want to be loved and validated. Our own brothers and sistahs that have come to America from the shores of Africa will let you and I know that we're different. I've heard what they say too. They (Africans) see us as different. It doesn't matter how nappy your hair is or how much kente clothe you wear; you and I will always be different. We all have to care about each other that's it!

If you were drowning would you care who pulled you out of the water? Would you look to see if their hair was permed or straight, would you care if they were white or black, spoke English or creole, republican or Democrat, gay or straight, poor or rich? Think about that before you impose your rules on any

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Best Flat Iron

For all my sistahs who still do the press n curl I strongly suggest you get the latest technology in flat irons. Did you know they know come with a Wet to Dry function. It actually straightens the hair better when its wet! The one I have is called Da Vinci Wet to Dry ceramic flat iron. This is the truth for the straight look with the permanence of a relaxer. Toubaline and Fouruk makes a wet to dry flat iron. To my knowledge the one I have isn't widely distributed yet but I'll keep you posted on how to get one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Natural Sistah- Oh Please!

I decided to poke around to see what everyone has been talking about with respect to natural hair and I have to say that I'm a little ticked off by some of the comments made by my natural sistahs. I guess I see the hypocrisy with the finger pointing and the name calling that "we" often do and I find it really unnecessary to tongue lash someone who wants to wear straight hair or better yet, someone with naturally straight hair. You guys pic one aspect of "being black" and everybody runs with it because its the easiest to change, but the facts are that no one is pure in blood and along with saying no to perms you need to say no to :

Jeans- originally from France
Chicken- Asia
High Heel Shoes- Europe
marriage ceremony- Roman law

And I can go on. Now this is my blog so I voice what I feel here, but if you do a little research, you will see that we have lost every aspect of our culture and it really doesn't even matter how we wear our hair any more. If you really want to embrace your true self, then you would have to give up many "norms" not just relaxers and weaves. Colonialism has changed more than our way of thinking: its changed our DNA! I think we need to love each as human beings first!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why I do Straight Styles and Hair Extensions

I did a client the other day and she comment on how my hair was so pretty. I thanked her for the compliment but before I could finish she said she would never let someone do her hair that didn't have locs too. I told her that creativity is creativity, and the ability to create beautiful natural styles doesn't start with your own hair necessarily. I think her views are shared by many, and that was one of the reasons why it took me so long to loc my own hair. I didn't want to offend my straight haired or weave haired clients, so even though I wanted to loc my own hair, I gave up the wish and decided that it wouldn't be a good business move.

I don't think there is a stylist who doesn't have a preference for certain styles: I know I do! But to say that you wouldn't trust someone on your hair if they didn't wear the particular style you want is a bit limiting. If you are serious about your craft, you should be able to do HAIR, period. I love locs and twist and braids. I also love the illusion of a weave that's razor cut and blown dry to perfection. I've relaxed "Caucasian" as I have "black" hair. I love hair!! I take an artistic point of view. Are relaxers harmful? Studies have shown that they are, but so is color and even the blow dryer you use let out harm radiation. Do I hope my daughters stay natural? I sure do. It's a simplistic lifestyle a less toxic lifestyle. But inevitably we all have to make the choice of what can and cannot live with. I realize I can't live without cable t.v., my laptop(more radiation),mashed potatoes and honey roasted peanuts. Oh and I almost forgot:SEX!!He he^)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sisterlocks Video

Hey guys, I thought you might like to see my Sisterlocks in real-time. I am still working on my natural hair videos. Here I am talking about Sisterlocks and how fierce they can look-Check Me Out!

I just finished my instructional video copulation: it features my Perfect Series"Perfect No-Knot Cornrows" Perfect Spiral Hair Weave" and Perfect Weightless Press& Curl"

I wanted to do a copulation to get stylists ready to offer a variety of services to there natural haired clients. With this video you will be ready to create looks like an expert. Think editorial magazine level of hairtsyling and you should get an idea well trained you'll be. Also I demonstrate how to do a full head weave on natural hair with NO BULKY, LUMPS or BUMPS. Just because your clients is natural doesn't mean you can't put in a weave that looks like her its her own. NO MORE CONE HEADS!!

And for those who are stumped because you don't know how to get that bouncy new relaxer look without perming your hair, I've created the "Perfect Weightless Press". Bouncy straight looks that are temporary can be yours, you just need to know how to do it.

I'd love some feed back on what you'd like to see as well. I'll Unzip my brain for you and let you know everything that I've learned in 16 years- just ask!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Natural Hair Magazine

Naturally You! Magazine - The Natural Haircare & Lifestyle Magazine
I really like this magazine and thought I'd post it here just in case you may not know about it. I am strongly thinking about doing a magazine myself. Maybe in the near future.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hair Seminar

The seminar was a blast for me. I think I'm really hitting a grove with teaching. I love it when someone has a "I get it" look on her face. It great being able to give a person confidence skill to accomplish their goal. Hair is really a transforming thing. You can truly be whomever you want with the right style. I am setting up some training dates specifically for my natural hairstylist. Ya'll know I love you first ^) It's time to make this money. No more feeling guilty about charging what your worth, no more being scared to do a hairstyle because you think you take to long, no more letting customers devalue your work. Show what you can do. Be proud of what you do. You give people confidence, joy and the ability to conquer. If your a true hairstylist, you've seen the magic of the transformation change lives. From eating right, to leaving abusive relationships, to exercising: all these improvements have been sparked by a great self image. Now where not doctors but we save live too, just in a different way. Just imagine what the world would be like without hairstylists: UGLY!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My New Website

I am happy to be back online again with my new site called Comb My It's a work in progress but my goal is to make it a great resource center for natural especially Sisterlocks. I am going to add phots as I go along and I will continue to update you guys on the instructional videos which I am really excited about. I am doing a hair show this weekend at the Jacob Javitz center in new York. I am assisting world renown hairstylist Torain, the orginator of the "hair fusion technique". The show will be mostly white people but I am still excited about it. This will be the first time I conduct classes at a show. My hubby will be filming so I should have some great shots for you guys to view. I also have some celebrity stylist interviews that I will post very soon.

I wanted to get the perspectives of industry leaders in what they feel is nessescary to become an accomplished "natural hair stylist". The interviews where enlightening and eyeopening. You'll be surprised at what they think about becoming licensed and what it really takes to become a celebrity hair stylist.

I want all new hair stylist to get off on the right foot, to start with good habits and good business skills. They your profession seriously because we are no longer going to be accept mediocre status. What we do takes skill, patience and love. Education is very important and for a long time I thought I knew it all. Big Mistake! there is always something new to learn. Something that will make you work faster, neater, better.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Kitten's Sisterlocks

I am a little sad today. I guess it's because I realize my first born is going up. She looks stunning in her Sisterlocks and it gives be great pride to know that she loves herself and her natural hair. I can only hope that when she reaches adulthood she doesn't throw all our values out the window. She tells me, "Mommy, I am so pretty and my hair looks good!" At 15 years old, she has great self esteem more than I had at her age. I feel like crying because I know that sisterlocks really was a big part of that. Honestly, I had to wrestle with about Sisterlocks. She liked the style but her friends were all permed and she didn't want to feel "different". I explained how it grows the hair healthy and strong, naturally. She knew she could do different styles with Sisterlocks, so that wasn't an issue. Ironically, the biggest issue was the belittling from family and friends (Black Folks). I have somethings to say about that too, but I'll leave it for the next post. In the mean time, I have encouraged my daughter to start a network for teens with Sisterlocks. Its important for them to hold each other up through the process, shows pics of hot styles and so on. If you have a teen with sisterlocks or natural hair, we invite you to send pics and comments to

All Blessings
I am Black but Comely...
Songs of Solomon chpt1 verse5

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hair Videos Update

Hey folks! I hope all is well with my sistahs! I've been busy shooting my hair videos and it is not easy when you have to wear many hats. For those who didn't know, I'm also a makeup artist so my photo shoots are very intense since I'm doing everything from wardobe to lashes and then some! I creator has blessed me with talent, and I want to show every stylist how to make natural hair Haute!! If anyone has questions about natural hair that they'd like me to answer just drop me a line and I'll do my best to give you the info you need.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Good Day all!^) What is happening with my girls? I went to the hair show this past week; the one in Atlanta, Bronner Brothers. It was o.k. The usual array of scantly clad hair models with "beat up " faces (that a drag term for makeup face) and egotistical stylist pushing their latest creations. I usually do more observing than buying at these events. I do plan to host a free seminar in the future about :nappy hair! I do have a few interviews coming up which industry professionals that I think you might enjoy. I just wanted to get their view of the natural hair care industry and where they think it's head, ya know, trends etc.. Look out for that by the end of this week. I'd also like some feed back on any questions you guys might have about Sisterlocks or natural hair in general.

Video update: I am still working on setting up a time to shoot that doesn't conflict with everyone's schedule, but we are making progress with the other preliminaries.

I would really like to hear from some of you to get your opinion on what you would like to see in a natural hair care video. Hit me back ^()

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spruce UP Your Locks

Ladies, hello again, How the week going. I have to say this week was sticky for me. I mean I was itching to cut my Sisterlocks off for some reason but talked myself out of it. I realized that I needed to freshen up my look. You know how we get disgusted with ourselves sometimes. Even with all the positive talk I still felt like I didn't look my best. The thing that always cheers me up is some slammin color. Yawl be patient with me and the pics. I have to wait on my husband and I'm using his computer and you know how they get about there "stuff". He doesn't realize that I have people depending on me to inspire their own creative! Anyway, I did throw in my usual two tone color: light at the top and dark at the bottom. It gives the illusion of thicker hair. I use Loreal, my favorite "at home" kit to do it. I put "Black Leather" for the bottom half and "Golden Blonde" for the top half. I like it now that I've beaten my three gray hairs into submission lol. Speaking of gray hair, I actually saw one in the "secret Garden" if you know what i mean. I thought it was tissue at first but when I couldn't get it off I rudely awaken to the dreaded "tinsel" stage of life. Lord I'm to young for this Sh^&T. Anyway if you ladies are going to spruce it up with color please be careful and make sure you wash the coloring out thoroughly, and condition well.

Peace till we meet again

Monday, August 13, 2007

Moisture for Sisterlocks

Hey guys! I hope all is well with the start of your work week. I've been busy getting all my ducks in a row for this upcoming hair video. I don't want to rush and make a bad product so I'm taking a little time to get all the particulars out of the way. I'm still on my meditation kick and I'm lovin it. Sisterlocks are sure holding up to all that Tao Bo sweat I doing but it's great too. Since I made the commitment to workout daily, I have been washing my hair practically everyday and we know hoe drying that can be for "US" Sisterlock girls. No need to fret though, I've found a product that really makes the hair hair super soft and well moisturized. It's called Prestige D'Afrique. This product is slammin for locs ladies, and the smell: incredible. You can even dilute the moisturizing lotion half and half and still get all the moisture benefits. Is it all natural? hummm NO! But it works for those who need something more than shea butter basics.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Manifesting What You Really Want!

Hey folks! How yawl doin this week? I've been busy with the back to school rush. It never ceases to bring an influx of new clients-I'm grateful,though. I have been really getting into my spirituality these days. I guess it may be my mid life crisis masquerading itself as enlightenment. Hopefully its the later. I can say that I am enjoying my yearly morning meditations and manifestation self talk. For some reason, I'm really drawn to the whole "Secret" phenomena. If you haven't viewed it yet, you can go to and see for yourself how incredible the message is. In a nutshell, we create our own reality by the way we think. We have shaped every single thing that has happened in our lives right up until this point. Isn't that incredible? I never really knew how much control I had over my life until I really started going within myself. And I am finding out a lot of interesting things about myself.

As I stated in my last entry, I sat down and talked with the inner spirit in me about this whole hair thing and what it really meant to me. My spirit told me that it wasn't whether my hair was natural or not: Life is deeper than that! I feel myself becoming more at peace with me, and because of this I've also become less judgmental of others. It feels good not to be in judgement of everyone. I feel more free than I've ever felt before, but It's a difference when you do something because your truly happy doing it as opposed to just doing it buck the system or to prove that your better than someone else. Don't get me wrong, I am not about to cut my Sisterlocks off and slap a perm on my hair. Shoot, if I did I might as well go get a big, fat, juicy flank steak and rip my miniature canines into it too. No chance of that^)

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on manifestation and inner peace. I can say that I have a new respect for myself and my choice to be natural. I really don't feel the need to defend it as I use to. That must be a side effect of getting in tune. You guys should try it too. Tomorrow when you get up, preferably before everyone else wakes up, go to a quiet place in your home and just sit there for like 15 minutes with you eyes closed. Breathe deeply, and try calm down the chaos in your head. Maybe some soft music or anything that will get you calm. The voice will come to you. By voice I mean the real you, your spirit will start speaking to you. How do you know? Because it's the same voice that tells you not to eat all the cookies, or to leave that abusive relationship, or to stop perming your hair or whatever. That's you guide. We often ignore our guides but I think it's time to focus on them especially if we want to survive these crazy times. Another good side effect of this early morning routine is my love for excersize. I am a Tao-Bofanatic! I mean for real. I was so lazy about working out before but I'm at a point were if I don't excersize I start feeling irritable and tired. Who would have thought me to be a an excersize freak. I'm just waiting for that 6 pack ab thing to happen and it's a wrap after that! I can say that I do see the muscles in my arms becoming more defined and my stomach is alot tighter too. After having 2 C'sections I thought that my stomach was hopeless but when Billy Blanks gets ahold of your ass for that hour, he's merciless but in a loving encouraging way! So to all my nappy sisters, put the icecream down and go get a Tae Bo tape. let's get those 6-pack abs together.

Tip of the day
If you want a cheap detangler try Pro-line "Comb Thru". It comes in a green, white and black squeeze tube. I have seen it in the ethnic section at Walmart for about 3 bucks. It's cheap surprisingly it does work!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hair Videos

I'm getting ready to make a move again, and hopefully for last time Ina very long while. I feel like an army brat! Anyway, I know you guys want to see some new pics and I hoopoe to have some up very soon. I am excited about a new venture that my husband and I have been working on. We are in the process of making some instructional videos for hairstylists who want to perfect natural and braided hairstyling. I think the first instructional tape I purchased was back in 1990. It was about ten bucks and the styles were so crappy- needless to say, I was very disappointed. Over the years I have purchased tapes that rage in prices from $25 to $250 dollars and I realize that price was not a indication of quality. That $250 dollar tape was about 15 minutes long and left me feeling "jacked up." I still couldn't do the style after viewing the tape 50 times^( Anyway, I decided that I wanted to make something that was going to be very educational, simple to follow along with ongoing support for the professional hairstylist. When you purchased my dvd's, you know exactly what hair I use, what products I use, where to get hair at wholesale prices, how to cut you application time in half( for micro-braids, kinky-twists) and I have have a special technique for creating instant locks with your own hair( NO Extensions), so I'll keep everyone posted about my progress with "Hair Education". In the meantime, if you have a question about a technique or product for kinky-curly hair then drop me a line.

I am looking for hair models for my videos. If you think your the right person, email me some pics of you and your contact info.

I am looking for people to do these styles
Loc extensions
kinky twists
cornrow styles
Loc styling
Sisterlock styling and natural hair styling

Tip of the day:
If you want your locks to shine use pure coconut oil.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My hair Back Then!

I am sitting outside a starbucks roasting in the sun and everyone is looking at me today. Why? I plaited up my Sisterlocks into jumb o plaits, for it remided me of my childhood days when my mother had finished washing I and my sisters' hair. back then , if waited until that hair air dried you would be able to get a comb through it. I remember how clean and fresh I felt after a good"mamma shampoo". I miss those days. Well at least I get to create the past in my own special way.

Keeping my kinky hair!

I know I've been away too long. Got preoccupied with life, sorry. I hope everyone of you guys are doing well. I have been going through some transformations of my own, taking a needed rest from everything. My hair is growing nicely; although, I've contemplated cutting them off a few times. You know how we get, ladies. That itch to reinvent ourselves sometimes turns into a full case of poison ivy. I remember this feeling; I got right before I gave birth to my daughter. Back then, it was trauma of giving birth that made me quack my hair off. I was so worried about my vagina going back to normal that I schedule a C-section instead of opting for the "natural" way. I won't perm my hair,but you can give me any chemical you want to when it's childbirth involved. That said, I've been thinking about this whole natural hair thing and why I really have locks in the first place. I made a list:

1. I wanted to please God by showing him that I loved how he made me.
2. I didn't like the idea of my beauty being wrapped up in to bundles of someone else's hair.
3. I have daughters, so I didn't want them to think that their hair was some kind of a mistake.

Pretty noble reasons, don't you think? I think so too, but I had to go even deeper. I sat in front of a mirror and started talking to myself, not in a crazy irrational way, a real conversation with myself. Here's what myself said to me:

"A woman's value has nothing to do with her hair, it is what's in her heart that matters. You think because you have now decided not to straighten hair on your head that you have somehow surpassed others. What about the person who fights for humanity on a daily basis, or the 8 year old child who looks after her whole family, or the mothers that may not eat tonight because she puts her children first. If you truely are about loving self, then you cannot teach hate for another, in any form. True love holds no jealousy, envy or greed. Absolute love means acceptance of self and Everyone else. We all want full stomachs, laughter, companionship and beauty. Be an example for every woman.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sisterlocks For Me!!

O.K. ladies, I know you promised to 'Do Me' this year so why are you thinking about using tax money to do home repairs. Oh wait a minute! I didn't forget that new car you've been eyeing. Ok,Ok, that's your vacation money, right? Well all those choices are diminutive in comparison to Sisterlocks(tm)! Why? Because unlike those temporary gifts, Sisterlocks is something that stays with you. It's there when you wake up in the morning; it's there when you go to sleep at night. It's got your back at the board meetings,and Sisterlocks makes you look even sexier at those dinner parties. Your mate can get a little ruff(if you know what I mean) and you'll still look pulled together.

No ladies, those other buys are fleeting. After all, your have to leave your house sometime, and that new car can only make people stare when our in it! Sisterlocks gives you that 'Whip Appeal' 24 hours a day.

I don't have to hard sell this. If your reading this, it's because your looking for the magic. Your looking for that thing that will stomp all the critics and their notions about 'Our Hair'.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Sisterlocks Lady!

Sisterlocks gives impeccable uniformity to locks. There are other systems out circulating, but none can achieve what Sisterlocks can. Margo, my latest Sisterlock convert, has after only four days, gotten a ton of compliments about her hair; she's Levin it! This was her birthday gift to herself: money well spent!

If your thinking about getting them and are NoT sure if this is right for you, please feel free to contact me. I am an experienced Certified Consultant in good standing with the home office Start your new year off doing what you want and looking the way you want.

478 501-7836

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sisterlocks(tm) for 07'

So what will you do for the New Year? I hope you decide to get Sisterlocks(tm). More sistahs are realizing the awesome look of Sisterlocks. No other natural hair care system will give you the versatility and the sexiness that these micro-sized locs can give. Hey,I understand the emotional attachment that we have to hair. And with Sisterlocks you won't have to shorten one strand to get it started. What's even better is that your hair will grow long and strong! I can honestly say that my hair has never had any length until I got Sisterlocks. Feel proud! Be inspired! Be Sexy! If you are not satisfied with your image, allow me to help you turn it around. Now Sisterlocks aren't cheap, but I really believe that a great self image is worth it's weight in gold! My prices for 07' are as follows:

retightenings: $125 per session
consultations $25
sisterlocks package starts at $700 and up (depends on length, thickness, loc size etc)

Take your time and browse and talk with stylists who do the Sisterlocks. I am a master hairstylist, loctician and Certified Sisterlocks Consultant. Check with the official website where you will find my name listed under Georgia consultants,

Make this year your best ever. Look the way you want, feel the way you want, be who you've always wanted to be!

Happy New Year!

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