Sunday, October 08, 2006

No More Dandruff

O.K I know it has been a while but I've been very busy taking care of my Sisterlocks clients and researching ingredients on the internet. I wanted to find products that would help with dry scalp which seems to be more of a problem now that the weather is changing. Dry scalp is actually the bootleg version of Seborrheic Dermatitis. The characteristics of this condition are

inflamed red patches with greasy or dry scales( full blown)
cradle cap( mild form)
Dandruff (mild form)

Keep in mind that this can show up your forehead, face, ears and well as your scalp.

Some experts say that this condition is actually caused a an overgrowth of yeast with allows skin cells to grow faster than you can shed them off.

Yeast can grow out of control with high fat and high sugar diets!!!

If you suffer from dandruff, do not use all-in-one shampoos and conditioners. The reason is because the conditioning agents in these shampoos act as a sealants on your hair your scalp thereby trapping the residue from the shampoo-this in turn can cause scalp irritation and dandruff.

FYI- Make sure when conditioning after shampooing that your hair is not soaking wet. Towel drying is a must if you want to get the most benefit from the conditioner. Water stops the conditioner from absorbing into the hair shaft, so stop wasting product and follow directions.

I know most of us are big shea butter fans and I am too, but shea butter alone doesn't work for everyone, and it can be heavy and pore cogging to certain skin types. I started looking for other oils that can be used safely without the fear of build-up in my hair and I happened to find two bomb ingredients Perilla Oil and Evening Primrose. I love,love, love these oils. I have been using them on my Sisterlocks and my baby's hair and skin; they both leave my skin and hair so soft. No more "crunchy" locks And I don't even have to use them often. These oils are particularly good for mature skin, wrinkles and ecezma. Type them in the Google box below and look them up for yourself.




I am not into hype and suggestive ads but these two oils have restored my faith "natural" products.
Sisterlocks for life!

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