Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair-Whats Sexy About IT!

We all feel better when we look good. But what is sexy when it comes to natural hair. Can we define what is a head turner and what is hum-drum? I think its is your spirit that brings what you do to life. I have seen very fantastically intricate designs that only stylist could appreciate, then there are basic dos paired with the right earrings and shoes that can't seem to quit getting looks. You confidence carries over into your total look. It is not what you say that is the best communicator, it is your facial expression, your eyes...your body tell the story even if you try to lie so don't waste your time pretending to be sexy, you have to own it, own who you are from the top of your head to your pinkie toenail. The sexy you are trying to be will show if you believe it first...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Look

I am enjoying my sisterlocks more than ever before. I have truly developed a creative spirit towards my hair and I challenge you to do the same with yours. Stop being scared because you thin you don't have a face for certain styles. Unless you've tried them you won't really know. I have been wrong about 95% of the time when I thought a style couldn't compliment me. So experiment with your hair so you can continue feeling good about the choice you made. As I stated in earlier post, I don't have to always do extravagant things to my hair to make me feel pretty. But we all are at different levels of evolution, different stages of hair growth and transformation, so do your best for were you are right now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Body Care

Another birthday is rolling around for me soon and as I approach the big 40(in 2 years) I am not worried. I feel I look better than I did at 25. I know that I am taking better care of myself and my acceptance of who I am is a big part of that. I am a herb fanatic these days. I take supplements for my hair, includeing seamoss and fenugreek daily. It really works to grow the hair and nourish the body. Go to my new blog to find out more tips on caring for you body...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Conditioners for Locs

I tend to lean towards natural fatty oils for conditioning locs instead of traditional conditioners. Regular conditioners leave residue inside the locs because they contain slipping waxes and liquid plastics to detangle the hair. Locs should be conditioned with hot oils like evening primrose, olive and coconut oils, you even use these oils for retightening the locs instead of gels and waxes, conditioners will  weight your locs down over time, causing build-up, thinning of the lock base and bacteria to grow. Use oils instead.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make the Hair Thicker

I can't think of a better way to get nourishment to the hair follicles than with proper exercise. Blood flow will feed the roots and exercise increases circulation from head to toe. I know I know, you hate to workout but it is really about what level of quality you want to live this life. Unfortunately we do not live in an indigenous village in a remote part of Africa were they only eat berries and organic goodies. We live in polluted environments: air, water, food, so we must do our very best to counteract the effects of the hazards of living here in America. You want your hair to grow! Give it the nourishment it needs from your blood stream. Massage your scalp, drink water, eat some sea moss and kelp, think positive and you will be fine...

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