Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Hair is ME ,Yeah Right!

What do u like about your image? Is it your smile, your legs, your skin's tone? What is it bout u that makes you smile. I often have clients that get there hair done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and they really enjoy a well manicured head of hair! Though this is my passion, I can't help but touch on the other parts of you I guess that's the wellness coach in me. Our vanity can be a great thing if we use it to motive us to beneficial habits. I would say that some of my big and beautiful clients seem to feel more 'pressure' to be dolled up because they are heavier but when I ask the questions about what else they do to 'maintain' themselves there is usually nothing else going on; no meditation. no exercise, no attempt at healthier eating.
Why not ladies?
Me in my home town Trinidad and Tobago
Why just the hair and not the rest of you. We have to love our entire self, our bodies are a system; your heart ain't pump blood if your lung do not bring in oxygen etc.. I always joke about my big feet; I'm a size 12 shoe. And I just started getting pedicures in the past year! Why???? Because I was a shamed of my feet. I  didn't want to put any gracious nail tech through the drudgery of dealing my hang nails and calloused soles. I thought my feet deserved to be like this because I perceived them to be bigger than average and the retail market helped foster that perception by making it difficult to find my size.
But I don't exclude my feet when it comes to caring for my body. What have you neglected about yourself and how have you managed to change this around, please share

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My natural hair won't grow, SO WHAT!

 My natural hair won't grow, I hear it all the time and I ask what is really the problem with that? We are so obsessed with length of hair, too caught of in the potions and the commercials promising a lion's mane full of natural curly hair.

Why do we feel as though long hair is an automatic green light for sensuality and femininity?
I am so tired of hearing this shit from our communities and we pass this insecurity on to our daughters as well. If u look at some indigenous tribe in Africa, the women do not have long hair and as a tribe they are so close genetically that you cant tell male from female by looking at facial features alone.
We are to hairy anyway!
We are too hairy if you ask me. Look at the hair  on your legs, underarms,arms and  chin(for some of us), this is a genetic mutations we are glorifying, and not the norm of our foremothers,even the of ancient tribes didn't have beards, just look at old pictures from tribe like the Omo or Nuba people from Ethiopia etc.

If you act like a boy, then you will look like one!
I hear it all the time;"My natural hair won't grow and I don't want to look like a boy!" Feminity is an attitude not a hairstyle! It is the way you care for yourself,  the tone of your voice, the way the look at one someone, they way you touch a person, it your posture, the movement of your hips....

If your are one of the 'original' sistah who can seem to get hair growth past a few inches then I would say your blessed because u won't be able to hide the care you have for yourself , if you don't take care of your body,it  will show,your skin,it will show, your clothing,it will show, your attitude will  show. Say the "My natural hair won't grow rant for the uneducated, for the women who are unaware of there predisposition towards a very clear characteristic.
**Ok it won't hurt to have a nicely shaped head too,lol"

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

WE Love 'New York's' Hair!!!!


 We love 'New York's new natural hair style. She's a far cry from the days of getting spat on my reality celebrities. I wonder what her hair care regimen is these days, and I'm even more curios as to why she did decide to go natural.
"New York" goes natural hair on us!

What a breath of fresh air New York, Flava of Love star, has really switched the game up with her natural hair style. She looks younger..calmer even.
Let's New York's hair be an inspiration to all you ladies who are skating the fence on your decision to go natural. If you are rocking straight hair and u want to change to a more authentic self all I can say is: JUST DO IT! click here to see it!

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