Monday, August 11, 2008

Bernie Mac's Death

Sad loss of Bernie Mac just reconfirmed my commitment health and nutrition. The disease he had Sarcoidosis is a condition were the body tissue becomes inflamed has a result of the cells releasing chemicals in defense bacteria etc. As I stated before, inflamation is the cause of most any disease you can think of. from Asthma to diabetes, to Aids, you'll find the root of these afflictions is inflamation. What causes inflamation? A suppressed immune system for one. And a suppressed immune system can be caused by stress, environment and bad food most of all.

Sistas we have to love ourselves enough to make the changes needed to survive in this world. Changing your hair to its natural state is a start but the work doesn't stop there. Demand the best for yourself, give your best, do your best or don't do it at all. If something stresses you out, run from it-- don't allow anything or anyone the power to make you miserable. As we see, life is so short. Make every breath count!

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