Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who I Am

Wow it has been to long you guy. I hope is well with you all. I am fantastic, enjoying life. I completed another rotation around thi planet a I celebrated my birthday on the 20th of this month. It got me to thinking about my life and future plans and I realized that I have to continue making it what I want it to be. I have personally committed to being more pretty, more feminine, more sexy. I definitely am "feeling" myself more- I guess the "Fabulousity" bug has bit me too. I naturally would sway towards the homey head wrap look but while quite "natural" it just wasn't alluring enough for me. There is a magic about being a woman that I am learning to embrace more and more. There is power,real power in owning your femininity. I love how my mine works, my intuitive nature, my caring nurturing side, my playfulness, my wisdom, the love I express with words or a hug or even a soft caress. I'm getting better, stronger, wiser, more beautiful This year. I have promised this to myself. I am going to laugh everyday, love hard,work hard, pray.... just do me.
Are guys with me on this! Are you going to be, do have have what you want from this point forward, are you going to sit in the dark and listen to the voice that try to guide you. If your mom is still here, kiss her, if your father is still here, tell him you love him, if your grandmother is still here, bow at her feet for she your GRANDMOTHER! Jut a you are guidance for your children, so are the elders guidance for you as well. Be the example you are looking for, the rock that someone can lean on, the compassionate friend, the respectful daughter, be what you want to see in others
This is what I intend to do with my time on this planet. Until the next dance..
Luv Ya!

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