Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Friday, November 11, 2011

How Do I use Clay as a Natural Hair Conditioner

clay natural hair conditioner
When I first saw the You Tube video about using clay as a natural hair conditioner, I was shocked. I thought to myself,  what the hell are these girls gonna think of next! I should respect the game though, experiments with natural ingredients is really the only way to know if something works or not, after all....

Doctors "practice" on us everyday but because they walk in with a white coat, we assumed they know what they're doing.

They said the curls would lengthen
Anyway, I watched several ladies talk about the hair conditioner made of clay; they also said that the hair actually lengthens from continued use. I was really intrigued by this,  as a licensed natural hair stylist, I knew of nothing short of a jerri curl that would actually stretch your natural curl pattern.

I brought the  hair conditioner stuff from a health food store
So I made a mad dash to the health food store for some clay. I was giggling because I normally put this stuff into home made products for the face, I would never have dream of doing this. I grabbed a few essential oils like cedarwood, and lavender, then I jotted down the cooking oil isle for some  raw coconut oil, got home, and started mixing.

Do here's my mixture:
  • 2 tbsp Bentanite clay
  • 2tbsp coconut oil(Parachute brand is the best)
  • 20 drops cedarwood oil
  • 6 drops lavender oil

I mixed everything together inside a glass bowl and added water slowly until I created a pasted. I sectioned off the hair into four sections.
Parted the hair into 1 inch sections and applied the pasted with an applicator brush.
When I finished applying the paste to the entire head, I put a plastic bag our the hair and let it sit for an hour.

Results: This stuff actually worked!
Well it made kinky hair much softer, very light and fluffy. I didn't notice a curl lengthening though but I assume will frequent use, that could be a result, since the hair came out so soft.
Hey I think my next assignment is to figure out a way to add this to a curl formula, I think ladies will really enjoy using this natural hair conditioner.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What's My Hair Type?

hair type 4a
  Natural hair Product Manufacturers love your hair type!
If anybody was following my post on hair grading systems, you'd know I'm not that crazy about classifying my hair type into an a,b,c grade. But the need for women to know there hair type has been carefully constructed my product manufacturer, the bottom line(to me) is it makes there pockets fatter. Think about it!

By the the time you finish flipping you head forward, raking the product in with your fingers, only applying it to the root or ends, towel blotting, air drying, and only use it every other day, you could have probably used  some generic, no frills, non curl pattern specific brand and gotten the same results.

Products work based on the curl pattern your already have. Nothing can make curls besides a Jerri curl and other chemical curl systems. But I digress. What is the point in fighting what everyone feels there getting, which is customization. So to make this really simple, the grading system is letter/number scale that is used to determine what 'curl pattern' you have, although I don't know anyone who has the same curl pattern throughout their entire head. 
 So, you have the Letter part of the grade which goes as follows:
  • The letter A would be a looser curl pattern. 
  • The letter B is a little more defined 
  • and the letter C is the tightest curl pattern of each group.

Now the numbers are graded from 2 to 4. The number 2 symbol is for wavy textured hair and is broken up into three parts, 3 is for curly hair, and 4 is for tightly curly to kinky hair.

Category 2
  • Very loose wave: almost straight-2a
  • Loose wave  -2b
  • Wavy: deeper S shape-2c
Category 3
  • Curly:defined slightly loose ringlets-3a
  • More curly: defined S shape in coils-3b
  • Tight spirals coils -3c
Category 4
  • Mixture of Afro and ringlets: curls when wet, drys into an afro-4a
  • Very tightly coiled: afro is more distinct-4b
  • Extremely tight coils: Z shape very close to the scalp-4c
Now you can see by system that you make have 3a hair in the back 2c hair in the front, I've even seen women with a combination of all three curl patterns on one head of hair.  if you still confused,here is how to tell just by looking at it.

The best way to tell what curl pattern you are is by wetting your hair first.
You make look like a 4c when you hair is dry, but really be a 4a because the hair can change in curl pattern appearance when the hair is wet. And if your hair has been chemically treated, even if its been months or even years, you cannot accurately access what your hair type is.

I can't tell you how many times I consult with clients about curl type and they want me to tell them their curl pattern when they haven't cut off the relaxed or texturized hair. Ladies, in order to know for sure what you are working with, the chemically treated hair has to be removed, yes, even the texturizer.

So now you can select what category your hair type falls into and match it with the product it was designed for..sigh.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Transitional Styling for Natural Hair With Mesh Rollers

mesh roller set

Have you ever used Mesh Rollers on your natural hair before?
Ok, if you are desperately trying to hang on to every sting,oops! I mean strand of hair  to avoid to the big chop, then  my suggestion is to use this ole school styling product called.... MESH ROLLERS.

I remember the first salon I worked in right when I came out of beauty school and my co-worker was this ole school 'pimp' type stylist named Romeo. He had the processed hair and always came to work suited up like he was ready for Easter Sunday service.

This was the first time I saw Mesh Rollers being used!
He was stealing the few clients I managed not to scare away(I was still burning ears with the marcel irons) by giving them a mesh roller set. He used a setting lotion-can't remember the name right now- and end papers and these little plastic pins to secure the rollers to your head.

The first lady I saw him roller set was Roberta, 69, retired, widowed, and use to be my client until.....
Romeo swept her off her feet! I could never get her hair as straight as she wanted, it was just  resistant to relaxers and her scalp of super sensitive so her hair always looked like afro roots with over processed ends.

I wasn't sure how it was going to look..

I wasn't sure how Romeo would get her hair looking silky without a hot comb, so I was glued to my seat watching him roll Roberta's "Nigerian Hair". In 45 minutes she was dry, Romeo lifted the hood from the dryer and let Roberta sit there for a few minutes before in escorted her to his styling chair. "You have to let the hair cool first, you don't just drag the rollers out her hair", he said.

 I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
So I'm staring at him remove each roller, waiting for the afro puffs to reveal themselves, I waited and waited and waited some more. Nope! Not a one. Roberta's hair was smoother than baby's booty crack. You couldn't even tell she had 4 months equivalent in new growth, Wow!

The comb glided through her hair, not a snap crackle or pop to be heard. Romeo combed that hair forward, he combed it backward, to the side(well.. for showmanship purposes I guess) and when he was done neither of us saw again Mrs. Roberta for 3 weeks

So I say all that to say, If you need a transition hair style that will protect you hair from breakage and give you a look that will last, go to your nearest beauty supply and pick up some mesh rollers for your next wet set.

 The major difference between these and other rollers is that the wire gives you just enough firmness for a strong set, yet it is very flexible and using it along with the end papers with will actually help put enough tension on the hair hair to loosen the hair at the root too.

Ok, Here's how to use the mesh rollers
 what you need:
  • End papers
  • mesh rollers
  • plastic stick pins (might come in the pack)
  1. After hair has been shampooed and conditioned apply setting lotion or leave in conditioner.
  2. Part the hair, comb any tangles out, an end paper fold in half and slide it to the ends of your hair
  3. Take the mesh roller and begin rolling the ends of the hair with the end papers around the roller until you reach the scalp.
  4. Take the stick pin and push it through the hair and roller until you feel it firmly against your scalp(Shouldn't hurt though)
  5. Go under a hooded dryer and let completely dry.
  6. Always let roller cool off before taking them out, you get a stronger hold that way(Romeo's Tip).
Try and let me know how  the mesh roller set works for your transitional style. Oh!, I forgot to add that you can do spiral sets with them too just buy the smaller sized rollers!

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