Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Your Locs Squeaky clean

Hey ladies, happy new year to all of my lovely sistahs. Hopefully you are still loving your hair and plan to take better care of it for the new year. I got a hot new tip for getting build up out of your locs, so super easy and I found it by accident!
I was  at the salon prepping for another client. This day happened to be bitter cold and I had the heating system turn up to Hell just to keep warm. The heated air was blowing in the direction of my shampoo and conditioning supplies, as a result , when I began to queeze the shampoo from the bottle it was HOT!! Not boiling hot but hot enough to sip if you were going to drink hot tea without burning your lips.

Anyway, I noticed the shampoo had thinned out from  heat and as I poured it on the hair  it went immediately into the locks. It lathered quicker and the dirt lifted from the hair very easily. If you did the beewax or shea butter thang to start your locs and notice that you hair is still tacky after shampooing, try heating some Dawn degreaser dish washing liquid. I know it sounds ghetto to was wash with dish detergent but for some of us our plight is beyond nuts and berry concoctions and has now moved its way to industrial strength solutions so have at it!

You can do it for conditioners too. I would suggest using a double boiler so that you won't scorch your product. keep it away from direct heat. Heat it like we used to heat baby bottles back in the day: in water, that .


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