Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transitional Hair Styles

Transitional Hair style

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The best way to go from relaxed hair to natural is by wearing styles that are gentle on both your natural and relaxed hair. The less you pull, and comb your hair, the better it will be for the transition, I recommend protein treatments every few months, deep conditioners and light hair oils for daily maintenance.

I also recommend trimming as you go as well. This will help reduce shedding and breaking. If you can avoid intense heat from flat irons and hot combs, you'll be helping to keep your natural curl pattern, as heat sometimes can damage the hair.

Remember your hair is curly, whether it tightly curled or loosely curled, its still curls, so the best styles for transitioning are curly hair styles, like rods set, roller sets, straw sets etc.. This way you can camouflage the 2 textures so that it will look like one texture instead of thick roots with stringy ends. Find US ON YELP!Comb My Hair

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