Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sisterlocks and Raw Foods

This is a pic I took of chocolate persimmon pudding. This is a Raw Pudding Folks! It was so delicious and creamy just like regular pudding. I used the following

2 ripe persimmons

4 heaping tbsp of raw cocoa powder

coconut water

2 very ripe frozen bananas

7 dates soaked in water overnight

I blended everything together until smooth Yum OH!!

Since going raw, I have lost 7 pounds in like a week. Ladies, if you want to lose weight fast and in a healhy way, GO Raw!!

Meat is jus so harmful for your heart. It clogs the arteries, thickens the blood, decreases circulation.

Cows are fed diseased cows, dead dogs cats etc.. You think cows are being fed grass!

No such luck and to top it off the meat that you buy at the market is full of poop!

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