Monday, October 10, 2011

Hair Braiding Shops Closing?

 Are hair braiding shops closing down? I spoke with my sister about this topic, she happens to live in  New York City and says she's seeing for sale signs cropping up were hair braiding shops used to be.

I remember when I opened my first hair braiding shop
 I was doing two clients a day in micro braids 6 hours a piece, whew! Talk about swollen fingers and an achy back! I had the energy and stamina and most importantly the interest to do it, back then. It was the most popular way to get my sistahs to stop relaxing their hair, so it was an honor for me to do it.
Shady Business and Lack of Natural Hair Care to blame?
It is our unique artistry but somehow over time it as been place in the reject bin. I blame immigrant business practices, dirty hole in the wall establishments,lack of communication and concern for hair health. People want better options, more sanitary environments and NATURAL HAIR CARE when they go to the salon. Who wants someone that they cannot communicate with doing their hair? It's ruff, yet this is a great time for my sistah's who feel that they would like to take the plunge enhance what there momma gave em!

 Celebrity Hair Braider Ngone Soween's doors not crowded these days
I remember meeting Ngone Soween owner of the celebrity hair braiding shop in Brooklyn ,NY. Women would be lined up outside her door hoping to get into one of her styling chairs, now she works with a skeleton crew and a walk-in service is easily welcomed.

Seems like its not so popular these days as women embrace their 3a-3c curl patterns or opt for hair locking and general natural hair styling. in Am I sorry to see the hair braiding shops closing?
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