Friday, September 30, 2011

I don't want to wear my natural hair for my wedding??

 This woman walked into the salon holding a few printed pictures of wedding hair styles, I look at her and her hair in confusion and she proceeds to tell me, "I don't want to wear my natural hair for my wedding!
Natural hair style for  my wedding

I want to a soft look for my wedding hair!
I see it all the time. they profess to be so in love with there natural hair but come nuptial day, they request a "soft' look or an 'elegant' style that requires temporary straightening for the special day. If u are a kinky gurl and claim to love it, then u should be ashamed to rep your style on your wedding day. Stop the peer pressure or mother-in-law 'two-cent' and DO YOU! 

Options for wearing you natural hair for your wedding:
Twist-outs, sculpted updo's, braid-outs, flat twist with afro puff combo's ,two-strand twist with braid combo's,  are super-duper cute and very sexy too may I add!

Question: Why is it that some natural sistahs front for the wedding day? Yor wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life, being authentic for you special day should be a requirement, I don't want to hear the phrase,"I don't want to wear my natural hair for my wedding ever again!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Love Real Hair StylistsThese days

I have been reading blogs, watching how-to videos and getting a little overwhelm and slightly annoyed at the assault on professional hair stylists by novice you tube hairstylists. I love the natural hair movement, but now my judgements as a professional 'licensed ' hair stylist is challenged by new natural hair wearers who are posting up product reviews and giving hair care advice based solely on the results they get from their own hair. i see psychotherapists, lawyers, teachers,models etc giving our lovely kinky sistahs the 411 on hair care.

Sigh... I'm torn because while it is refreshing to see so many women from all levels of education and status embrace their coils, I stop short when my would -be clients come in the salon with bags of products from these 'star' recommendation and a blue print of how I should design their style, I don't think its fair. I am not telling anyone out there how to provide therapy to try a civil case so I am asking for some respect for my advice the care I prescribe for you with so much dogma detoxing from what is being promoted out here. If u go to a stylist, this means u are probably looking to achieve something you cannot do yourself, trust in them, it just makes for a better experience...Just my opinion.... What do u think?

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