Saturday, August 23, 2008

That didn't work!!

Ok, so last week I was feeling like doing something really drastic with my hair. I wanted to join some locks together so I twisted like three locks together. It looked like shit!! Needless to say, I quickly got over my boredom or whatever I was going through. Now I may revisit it again someday but it won't be anytime soon. Thanks you guys for the support anyway, I really needed it.

Back to hair, I have been keep the routine pretty simple, just cleansing not much in terms of styling these days. My hair is on my shoulders now and I have notice that the longer it gets the delicate handling it needs so I limit the roller sets and the braids outs for when I really want to "Floss" and thats on weekends mostly. I still sleep with them covered with a bonnet and do the applecider vinegar rinse once a month.

If frizzes are a probem but you don't want to cut them off you could use some holding spritz and your handy blowdryer with a diffuser attachment. Spray your hair with the spritz and blast some warm air to it with the dryer. If you have poofy hair this will make it really flat. If you want it really flat you could add some castor oil on your hair first then the spritz then blowdry it. The castor will add weight to your hair and help to "stretch" it out somewhat.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rethinking Sisterlocks and Natural Hair

How are you guys feeling today. I feel great! It is a blessing to be alive. I will say that I am having the urge to do something drastic with my hair again. I have though about joining my locks to make them bigger. I know, I know, I'd be "sellin out" if I do it but I am feeling like embracing a wilder, more uninhibited me, ya know!

Do get me wrong, I am still pro Sisterlocks but I guess I want to look more like a "bush woman" lol Sisterlocks are so corporate or "establishment" to me now. I think it is a great level to be on and I have enjoyed the ride, but I am not afraid of being frizzy anymore...

Most of my clients are doing the corporate gigs so they have to look acceptable in those circles but they still want to be natural, so they choose Sisterlocks. Could this be conformity in a subtle way? I've just been thinking about it a little deeper.

To be honest I wouldn't mind just being a beach bum wearing wife beaters and flip-flops while sucking down coconut water and sun bathing. Whew, no more late night banana-pineapple smoothies for me anymore. I think its got me a little

I think I'd cry if I gave up my Sl's

What do you think?

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