Friday, September 17, 2010

Elegant Sisterlock Styles?

I listen when people use certain words to describe the style they are looking for. I often her the word elegant thrown around alot. When I ask for elaboration on what that meant to them, it was usually described as "smooth" or  "neat" or "soft" style.

Huh! What does that really mean ladies. I had to examine this for myself as I too have been a victim of indoctrination of what is elegant and soft. So an Afro is not elegant or soft? Spiky twists or Bantu knots are not elegant or soft? Big plaits can't be elegant either.

What are we really saying here? I love my Sisterlocks and I do have a rep for creating unique artistic designs with my hair, definitely not a corporate look. That is the spirit hold. but I have to use this a selling point to sisters who are afraid to deal with their natural hair. I know some sistahs who rock low fades and they are sexy and more elegant than any woman with a chignon.

Sisterlocks serves a purpose, it helps us get used to loving our own hair, but lets not get lost in the translation of the deeper meaning of why we do this. It is for self love right? Or is it for vanity? You decide whether a style is appropriate for a wedding or an afternoon picnic, don't allow ad campaigns or the mothers of your church to do this for you. Be firm in how you want to look with your natural hair, after all its YOURS!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Having a Bad Hair Day, HELP!

Bad hair days happen to the best of us. As fussy as I am about my hair, there just some days I can't get  the hair to do what I want. I usually throw on my cowboy hat and a pair of jeans to keep things moving. Its funny but I get the most looks when I'm not trying to look sexy, ha ha. You can also do a Loc Sock. It made of colorful fabric  that stretches and wraps the Sisterlocks or traditional locs any way you want. I am not a fan of head coverings but you can really and flair to ordinary hang time with you locs.

Special Woman

Vagina Glorification

I put this pic up because if its symbolism of the vagina. We are special and that sugar you have downstairs is the very essence of your being. We throw it away on unworthy people. Day to day we fight for acceptance and validation of our beauty from people who will never care unless we start to care about ourselves. I often said that Sisterlocks and natural hair itself is more of statement thanit is vanity because we have been told that we are not valuable, that our hair is problematic, that we need to alter our genetic structure in order to be in the game.
Make your Sisterlocks or whatever natural style you choose, your purpose for passing on high self esteem to your little girls, they are watching you to know how they should be. They are looking at you as the first symbol of beauty. When you perm, you send a message, make sure your message is with clear intent so no one will don't who you are.

Castor Oil for Sisterlocks!

Benefits of Castor Oil!

Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids which help moisturize the hair and the scalp preventing both from becoming dry.

Does castor oil help hair grow?

 To my surprise YES!. Regularly applying castor oil to your scalp and roots to eliminate dry hair and promote regrowth of hair within months. It will also help to thicken hair that is thinning out. This oil is the best for going deep into the skin. It contains anti bacterial properties in it as well.

Helps reduce and prevent damage. Also can hide the appearance of damage while trying to improve your hair's health leading to thicker, fuller hair over time.

You can also experiment with adding some castor oil to your conditioners for a deep conditioning treatment. You'll have to experiment with the amount of castor oil to use to avoid greasy hair. I would start off with a small amount like a teaspoon or so.

Castor oil is versatile in that you can mix it with essential oils. If you are trying to improve circulation I would add cinnomon essential oil. This is a very good oil for blood flow, just a few drops though, cause it can "fire up" the skin pretty good.

I use castor oil on my hair and body as well, my breast in particular. It keeps the breast firm too.

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