Friday, June 05, 2009

Sisterlocks New Pictures

Take you sisterlocks to the next level. Explore different looks, you never know what you turn into. Here I feel like the Goddess that I am. Many stares I got from this but its all good. Sisterlocks will provide you with whatever you need in terms of versatility, sex appeal, low maintainence. What are you waiting for!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back

Oh how I've missed you guys so much. I have been going through major transitions and I have so many pics to share but I lost my usb cord to upload the darn thing. Anyway they're comin just bare with me.

How i everyone feeling these days. I hope your Sl journey's are serving you well. I am having more fun with mine than ever before. I did get a little burnt out of the same ole roller sets and I just couldn't take that farrah faucet flip thing I had been doing for a while. Im African damn it! So I've been doing moe hawks and standing pin curls-anything that sticks straight up off my head. People have been staring and I do make conversation with so many people now. I love the attention.

I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves both inside and out. No junk food, eat light at night and drink your water too.

I have been going through some serious transformations on a meta physical level, Theres so much to share and I hope you all don't try to have me locked up for the things I'll be sharing.

For now, I want to say that we are manipulating our hair for more than vanity reasons. We want to be and feel youthful. we want to go back to our childhood, to the care free days of hopscotch and double dutch, shell top Adidas and red hots, hide and go seek and all the things we did before life hardened us. Who doesn't want eternal youth? I know do, and I know the secrets of ancient Egypt and what the Queens did for vitality. But we must first purge ourselves from male dominance. Everything we have been taught to feel and think about ourselves is from a males perspective. From the Adam and Eve story we were taught that women were liars, con artists, lacking morality, incapable of being loyal.

You don't have to cash that card in if you don't want to. You can choose to take ownership of what you think of yourselves. I've said it before and I'll say it again, its more than a hairstyle we are seeking. We are bonded by the fact that we wanted to represent something real more true to who we are as woman.

Know this women. You are the portal that brings humans here from the spirit world. the "Gate Keepers". Your womb is the "Nothingness" that brings "Something" into existence. You are the makers of men, so don't be ruled by them.

For all of you who are still shaky about locking your hair, afraid of what your spouse might think, maybe of what your family will say. I say, don't waste energy subjugating yourself to your own creation. Your feeling are nothing more than past experiences with bits of nonfactual predictions of what the future maybe. Learnt behavior, that's all feelings are, and you can change your anytime your ready.

Apprehension, fear, anxiety are usually the constructs of emotions we feel when we surrender our divinity to the will of others(MEN)


If you can think of any of your girlfriends going through hard times, I bet that 99% of the problem is male based.

We have to take control and regain the splender we once had as Goddesses.

So let's start with the HAIR!

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