Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gorilla Snot for Type 4c Natural Hair

I think the first time I heard about Gorilla Snot was with my brief stint living in Coco Beach,Florida. I was working in a local salon and the owner just so happened to want to start dred locks. He asked me if I had heard about people using Gorilla Glue.
I said, "What the heck is that?"
He said it was a super hard gel that people used for locs and he wanted to try it on his hair. the name scared me honestly and I wasn't even remotely curious about using it. I did pretty well with my honey/aloe mixture for starter locs and saw no reason to go after something that sounded as disgusting as that hair product he was raving about.

 Well fast forward about 4 years later and I have that exact same gel in my hair right now, lol I kinda bumped into it by accident. My intent was to go to target and pick up some products from the Shea Moisture line after listening to a few You Tube reviews on it. I have been accustomed to mixing my own products for so long.

I admit  was out the loop as far as trying new products. So when I went to Target to pick up my styling gel and a few other things, I saw this crazy looking jar right next to the Shea Moisture. It had this crazy looking gorilla on it and the jar was basically in Spanish: I looked closer at the name and it said "Gorilla Snot'. In my mind, I was like Oh SH*(T! This was what he was talking about. I looked at the price, about $3.50, and said hell naw, that cheap?? Well I have to try this now. I couldn't let it pass me. I took the 9oz jar home, opened it .

Smm, Smm, smells nice. I scooped some out with my hands. Ooh, feels tacky like glue. So I started rubbing it into my hair. I was scared my hair would turn white from the stickiness but as I was rubbing it in, the film disappeared. My hair started separating and curling up too. I could actually see curl definition on my 4c curl pattern. I couldn't believe it!

The next day I got up to look at my hair and it was the same way as it was the day before minus the somewhat flattened areas from sleeping on it. It looked better too! This is the product of the year, I can't do without my new curl definer. Oh! fyi, I used level 10 strength to create the curl definition you see in my pics, That is the maximum strength it comes in, so you can pic the level of hold you want depending on your hair type. Run to target and get it or order from Amazon too. 
Do you have a must have hair  product that is under the radar and super cheap too? Leave a comment below and let us know what your using! 

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