Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sisterlocks For Liars!

You are liars! Yes I said it. If you are feeling insecure about getting Sisterlocks this means you have believed the lies you tell yourself or the ficticous words of others who claim to care about you that says "Oh I don't have the face for natural hair" or "My head is shaped funny so I don't know if I'll look right" or "It looks so good o other people but I don't think it will be right for me"

So you are a liar believing in the lies you place on yourself as you put off what you desire to represent because you fear that you somehow will not be loved. You think deep inside that people won't respect you, you won't get dates, you will seem unattractive to others,
Get you facts straight ladies honour what has been naturally given to you. Create images that your daughters can look up to so they can feel good about who they are. Self esteem effects your you, your family and community.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sisterlocks for 2010!

Since we are at the close of the year I know my sisterlocks are thinking about the past and looking forward for the future. We all do deep contemplation at the end of the year. What goals we accomplished, what resolutions we broke and what we promise to do for the new year.

I think a great start to for the new year would be embracing who you are, being more authentic, telling people what you truly feeling and making decisions based on what makes YOU happy. That is better than any Christmas gift you could recieve or give. Being ture to yourself means caring a little more about your total well-being. It means facing the fear of being unpopular or being alone for a while.

If you hate yourself you cansurely love yourself as they both have the same level of intensity and emotion. You live long enough and you can bet you will experience both within yourself or someone you care about. This is life ladies.

Your hair is an expression of indivduality and culture, It can reflect art or conservativeness, your is how you communicate your mood and level of care and even hyigene.

what will you do with this year that's fast approaching, plan now to love yourself more for the coming year, I know I will.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sisterhood of Sisterlocks

There is something really satisfiying about wearing natural hair. I feel more relaxed and at peace with myself. Mre like I am honoring myself and my parents for making me physically who I am. It is funny to see people's reactions as they look at me when Im out and about, but I pay particular attention to how the young girls look at me. Some look at me with curiosity, some with a little fear, then some with awe. Women we are a culture within a culture. The things we capable of doing( bringing life into the world) has a level of magic and mystery we have yet to understand ourselves.
Degredation and humiliation from men crowds our history and has currupted our DNA. We feel alone, ashamed of breasts, over hips, our hair. There are rites of passage in Africa were young girls are put into cages when they start there menstration and are only freed after years of (purging the bad spirits.

I oten contemplate my own earlier feelings about my self image. Why did I feel so ugly. Why did I feel I belonged "No Where". Why did my so-called freinds make fun of my skin and full lips when they possess only hair-like differences to me.

Women are afraid to be who they are (if they are honest) because of MEN!

I haven't met a woman yet who has hesitated about getting sisterlocks for any other reason than she is afraid that she will look "Ugly" to her mate, spouse etc..

We have to create real Sisterhood bonds where we are more concerned for the heath and vitality of US than anything else. A mother's love is the first love that we all experience and mothers give us the first feelings of hate, shame, and low self esteem.

Let's unite to strenghthen our bonds with each other and the world.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Grow Hair

Head massages are great for increasing blood to the hair follicle. It blood that causes hair to grow. Light pressure on the head for a few minutes a day is good. And standing on your head stimulates hair growth too, again (blood supply increase). Essential oils like anise, basil, cinnomin are good for stimulating blood flow too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Hair

Keeping yourself stress free is the best for your baby and you. Your hair usually grows rapidly from the increase in hormones at this time. You should keep naural products stocked and do not color your hair while pregnant, not safe for the baby. Lavendar essential oil is great for the scalp and rubbing the belly with grapeseed oil is good for the skin. Eat lots of fruits to be in a happy state and read as much as you can for a smart baby.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Sisterlocks Clean

Keep Sisterlocks clean by applying "light oils" to the scalp. Stay away from goo like shea butter. a good moisturizer for the skin but for Sisterlocks, it just attracts dirt. I don't like to use conditioners either. Why? Because they contain liquid plastics and waxes that can build up in the locs over time. The weight of product buildup is what thins the locs from from root so be careful. Use grapeseed oil its a great light oil for the hair and the entire body. Good for eczema too^)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Keeping Dandruf Away

Hey ladies! I just wanted to give some tips on keeping your scalp dandruf free If you suffer from bad dandruf it is a systemic problem and usually comes from dehydration. If you eat high sugar and salty foods and greasy foods that could be the cause of your problem. All these dry the body from the inside and SUGAR is the beast that causes nerve damage, blindness, fibroids, lupus and countless other disorders. You can rub some vegetable glycerin and grapeseed oil on your scalp if you have big flakes but it is really about checking your stress levels and diet.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Sisterlocks for the New year

Well ladies we are fast approaching the close of this year. What are your hopes for the new year? What will you do differently 2010. I am excited about all the possible outcomes for me. I think this year I'll get Hitch! lol. I have to have a strong but humble man to handle my personality. But I plan to look real cute as I look lol. If you are trying to decide on Sisterlocks,all I can say is Sl girls do have a lot of fun. Our doesn't compromise our health as our permed sisters who are afraid to sweat out those toxins. You are beautiful as you are. Women stop letting others(Men included) set the standard of beauty. Stop comparing yourself to the fantasy in soap operas and music videos. Become mysterious, concentrate on great health instead, Healthy people are alway beautiful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self Esteem

I used to say that Sisterlocks can boost your self esteem, but I have found that when I consult with women that self esteem really comes from a different place. It can not be packaged in a bottle or purchased. You cannt hum your way to seld awareness. Affirmations I love very much but even this alone will not build your inner self. Your value comes from actions that you very well. Self esteem comes from doing the things that are important t you and mastering them.

When I first started my career in natural hair, I was horrible. I was scared to try new techniques, afraid of my clients, afraid of failing. Fear Fear Fear! But I knew that I want to master it. It meant being an instrument for self expression in it natural form. Doing natural hair was correct for me both spiritually and physically. so I kept at it. I put energy consistantly t the affirmation" I am a master hairstylist" and eventually styling became secnd nature for me. I work fast, i work creatively, I work with excitement of the finished product.

Do you think it made my self esteem rise? You bet! My self esteem climbed because I accomplished something and my words(affirmations) became flesh (wonderful natural hair styles and happy clients). Focus on your abilities and enhance them. Nuture and grow what yu desire to become. Its not the lipstick the hair. It is about the part of you that cannot be given to others.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Plant the Seeds for Tomorrow

Please you to my you tube channel /salkis to see my new style video. I will be creating new vids often. If you are struggling with the decision to Sisterlock your hair I know my vids with help to steer you this way.

I just want to remind my felines that I am a weightloss and life coach, so if yu are trying to find answers to problems with image, sex, self esteem and manifestation, do not hesistate to call to set up a free session with me. This is the time to plant the seeds that will reap for the following spring. If yu want your winter t be depression free, then you have to start working on your what you want to change in yur life. Decide right now what you will give attention to, what you intend to change and plant that seed of intention now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Save Your Daughters

Your daughters look to you for examples of beauty, self esteem, ambition. We teach them how to be woman, we show them how to love who they are There is nothing more honorable to than to have my daughters love who the are. Nappy is not a curse word in my home, We love every tight curl on our heads, We are just comfortable with what we a naturally given I am glad my kittens do not have to suffer trying to be something they never will me. Tell your daughters they are beautiful-Not just the wavy-haired kittens, but our tight afro kittens too They need to heard that they are worthy How many of us have gone through most of our lives thinking we were ugly and based this though on the standards of what we are not, nor could ever be.

Your girls have a real chance to create the lives they wish, free from doubt

Think about it

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do what you want

Thanks for all the good feedback for my new pics. I wanted to show more crativity with sisterlocks. I am little tired of the braid-outs and roller sets I just decided to be inspired by my own features. There is nothing european about me so I thought, what the heck, why not take it all the way home to Africa and rep my species to the fullest. These days I make no excuses for who I am-you can feel it when you see me that I am "different" and this works for me.

I can explore who I am because I am not tied down to a man I don't have to check with him to see if he likes this or that, I just do what feels good to me and its great being on this side of the fence. Surpression is not a cup I drink from and there is nothing better than being in total control of your life

Sunday, June 07, 2009

more inspiration

I really can't express how important it is to me to be the best representation for black woman. Hair is so personal, spirtual, romantic, and sexual. We are living in a great time right now,we have options. You don't have to feel afraid of being "natural" anymore. I often hear woman say,"I don't have the face for natural hair!" Can someone expain what the "face" for natural hair looks like, for to me, if you were born with it, then you have the face for natural hair. Get it! You guys start taking some time to explore who you are and how you want the world to see you. If you have locks rep it to the fullest. Show our young girls that its not a sacrafice to have sisterlocks or any natural style. We can still be high fashion and sexy as hell, but the best part is that its yours! Show the woman in your community that its better on this side of the fence!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Sisterlocks New Pictures

Take you sisterlocks to the next level. Explore different looks, you never know what you turn into. Here I feel like the Goddess that I am. Many stares I got from this but its all good. Sisterlocks will provide you with whatever you need in terms of versatility, sex appeal, low maintainence. What are you waiting for!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back

Oh how I've missed you guys so much. I have been going through major transitions and I have so many pics to share but I lost my usb cord to upload the darn thing. Anyway they're comin just bare with me.

How i everyone feeling these days. I hope your Sl journey's are serving you well. I am having more fun with mine than ever before. I did get a little burnt out of the same ole roller sets and I just couldn't take that farrah faucet flip thing I had been doing for a while. Im African damn it! So I've been doing moe hawks and standing pin curls-anything that sticks straight up off my head. People have been staring and I do make conversation with so many people now. I love the attention.

I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves both inside and out. No junk food, eat light at night and drink your water too.

I have been going through some serious transformations on a meta physical level, Theres so much to share and I hope you all don't try to have me locked up for the things I'll be sharing.

For now, I want to say that we are manipulating our hair for more than vanity reasons. We want to be and feel youthful. we want to go back to our childhood, to the care free days of hopscotch and double dutch, shell top Adidas and red hots, hide and go seek and all the things we did before life hardened us. Who doesn't want eternal youth? I know do, and I know the secrets of ancient Egypt and what the Queens did for vitality. But we must first purge ourselves from male dominance. Everything we have been taught to feel and think about ourselves is from a males perspective. From the Adam and Eve story we were taught that women were liars, con artists, lacking morality, incapable of being loyal.

You don't have to cash that card in if you don't want to. You can choose to take ownership of what you think of yourselves. I've said it before and I'll say it again, its more than a hairstyle we are seeking. We are bonded by the fact that we wanted to represent something real more true to who we are as woman.

Know this women. You are the portal that brings humans here from the spirit world. the "Gate Keepers". Your womb is the "Nothingness" that brings "Something" into existence. You are the makers of men, so don't be ruled by them.

For all of you who are still shaky about locking your hair, afraid of what your spouse might think, maybe of what your family will say. I say, don't waste energy subjugating yourself to your own creation. Your feeling are nothing more than past experiences with bits of nonfactual predictions of what the future maybe. Learnt behavior, that's all feelings are, and you can change your anytime your ready.

Apprehension, fear, anxiety are usually the constructs of emotions we feel when we surrender our divinity to the will of others(MEN)


If you can think of any of your girlfriends going through hard times, I bet that 99% of the problem is male based.

We have to take control and regain the splender we once had as Goddesses.

So let's start with the HAIR!

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