Friday, January 01, 2010

Sisterlocks For Generations

So we are in a new year now. Time to get focused and what we want to be,do,experience. I have written down my list of things to master this year and one of them is reaching out to all woman of color and helping them find the gem inside themselves. We have physical laws in this physical world that have to be obeyed. We are out of the natural order of things. The way we think of ourselves has caused dis-eased. And this dis=ease has infected our minds and hearts. But we can change how we feel about ourselves right now, this very moment.

Black and Comely sistahs have a purpose this year. Don't just live to pay bills, or wide snotty noses, or beg complaining husbands. Find out what makes you smile-find out what is worthy of your spirit and your soul. We lack esteem because we often have no goals, or we spend so much time lying to ourselves and we become ashamed because we feel we're frauds. You, Black and Comely woman need not spend another moment in regret of the past for it is gone to the memories of your mind. The question is:How will you rebuild yourself?

Hair, your natural hair is a great way to start being "True" to you and it does go further but you can start there. Do your community, your family a service and find out why your ready to go natural, seek out information to empower your decision if you need that. Elephants don't manuals on how to be an elephant so why do we?

It is because of deception and enslavement of the WOMAN! Have you ever asked yourself why Black men do not have an issue with wearing their natural hair but most Black and Comely woman do? Why are we targeted and indoctrinated with this shame of ourselves?
Because we are the vehicle for which all life comes through. Change our thinking and you can change a whole race of people. This is why love starts with you.

Love who you are and your children will love who they are, your children's children and so on. So now it is bigger than you and what you decide to do will affect generations to come.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sisterlocks For Liars!

You are liars! Yes I said it. If you are feeling insecure about getting Sisterlocks this means you have believed the lies you tell yourself or the ficticous words of others who claim to care about you that says "Oh I don't have the face for natural hair" or "My head is shaped funny so I don't know if I'll look right" or "It looks so good o other people but I don't think it will be right for me"

So you are a liar believing in the lies you place on yourself as you put off what you desire to represent because you fear that you somehow will not be loved. You think deep inside that people won't respect you, you won't get dates, you will seem unattractive to others,
Get you facts straight ladies honour what has been naturally given to you. Create images that your daughters can look up to so they can feel good about who they are. Self esteem effects your you, your family and community.

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