Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Natural Hair Dividing Us!

I love how our sistahs are embracing natural hair more than ever BUT I feel like the 3a, 3B, 3c hair texture girls are getting all the shine and once again we are divided into groups or classes that signify "quality" "grade" etc. Kinky girls I mean (4c hair texture) like "Nigerian" hair girls according to LiL Wayne, get very little play, no campaigns or products to make us feel good too, no power suit promos with short Afro-haired sweeties to ooh and awe at. Check out my video post a reply on You Tube,  I want to here what you think.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I saw Jermaine Jackson!

Wow, i was walking through the mall here in Woodland Hills,CA and who did I bump into but Jermaine Jackson(Michael Jackson's brother) just strolling through the mall, no entourage, no body guards, I was so stunned to see him that I all I could do was smile and I let out this weird sound out of my mouth that was supposed to be english...sigh photo opt missed because of a brain fart, duh!

 I did notice his hair was perfectly slicked down on the sides coming into a ponytail but the front was up I a high top fade. What kind of gel does he use??!!. He was slightly shorter than me(im 5'10') but not bad looking at all. I have to get some cards print asap!

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