Monday, December 19, 2011

My Big Chop 3 weeks in!

So I did the BC about 3 week ago and I am still excited about my new look. Its amazing how you pay attention to other things when you are not fussing or worrying about hair. I have taken hobbies once abandoned, I am looking for other ways to create uniqueness,my dress has changed even my skin care regimen has tightened up sine cutting my hair; I assume its because I have no hair to hide behind and every blemish is showing now.

But I like the force re inspection that have 'no hair' has given me. I pay attention to how I walk, how I talk, nothing is let unchecked. I do know that we has women can become complacent when the hair is the only focus, We tend to forget about our body, we don't nurture our minds with positive reading, people. I am a little obsessed with seeing the BC (big chop) on other women, watching their progression, seeing how their styles develop along with the hair. It amazing how much cuter we get when the focus isn't on obtaining 'length", check it!

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