Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sisterlocks For Me!!

O.K. ladies, I know you promised to 'Do Me' this year so why are you thinking about using tax money to do home repairs. Oh wait a minute! I didn't forget that new car you've been eyeing. Ok,Ok, that's your vacation money, right? Well all those choices are diminutive in comparison to Sisterlocks(tm)! Why? Because unlike those temporary gifts, Sisterlocks is something that stays with you. It's there when you wake up in the morning; it's there when you go to sleep at night. It's got your back at the board meetings,and Sisterlocks makes you look even sexier at those dinner parties. Your mate can get a little ruff(if you know what I mean) and you'll still look pulled together.

No ladies, those other buys are fleeting. After all, your have to leave your house sometime, and that new car can only make people stare when our in it! Sisterlocks gives you that 'Whip Appeal' 24 hours a day.

I don't have to hard sell this. If your reading this, it's because your looking for the magic. Your looking for that thing that will stomp all the critics and their notions about 'Our Hair'.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Sisterlocks Lady!

Sisterlocks gives impeccable uniformity to locks. There are other systems out circulating, but none can achieve what Sisterlocks can. Margo, my latest Sisterlock convert, has after only four days, gotten a ton of compliments about her hair; she's Levin it! This was her birthday gift to herself: money well spent!

If your thinking about getting them and are NoT sure if this is right for you, please feel free to contact me. I am an experienced Certified Consultant in good standing with the home office Start your new year off doing what you want and looking the way you want.

478 501-7836

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