Thursday, November 03, 2011

Uncle Funkys Daughter Natural Hair Products For Curly Girls!

Tonya Reed-Owner of Uncle Funky's Daughter
I had the pleasure of working with Tonya, CEO and product developer of Uncle Funky's Daughter natural hair care product line and salon, Tonya taught me alot about business and customer service while working with her. Uncle Funky's Daughter has truly earned its place as one of the top ten natural hair salons in the county.

We Talked about Competition within the industry, and the surprising pleasant perspective was that there really is no competition, no one can take away what belongs to you. I loved her way of thinking. It relaxed and confident, it about salon software and fulling orders on time, giving client beverages while they wait and calling them by their first name when they walk through the door.
My favorites are the "Extra Butter" and "Curly Magic" styling products. I usually mix them together for twist-outs and  All her products are concentrated so a little goes a long way and you get more for you money.

I want to make natural hair products for all hair types
One of the things I admired most was her self esteem. I asked her what was the magic behind her success, and she told me that she didn't have any doubt that we would succeed! She moves on decisions quickly,not giving ideas a chance to linger or lose momentum.
 Tonya said-
"I set out to make a product line that was unique from all the other s out there. I wanted to create a system that was high quality, products that would help curly girls fee better about themselves."
Uncle Funky's Daughter will expand there natural hair product line so stay tuned for new goodies!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hair Products from the 70's

 Black hair products from the 70's

Hair product ad from the 70"s
I love the creativity of black people when it comes to our hair. We are showing that product we produce don't just have to be oil and water but they can also have a technical aspect to them as well. We must start using our creative minds as we did back in the 70's even the 60's.

New Black Hair Products 
New black hair products are popping up everyday, and I laugh at some of our 'so-called hair product junkies". It will take there drive and dissatisfaction to keep everyone getting paid! Companies like Pantene's "Relaxed and Natural" are cashing in the the 'curl pattern specific'  marketing and there many 'ethnic' hair lines cropping up as these big companies do buy-outs with our mom-and-pop operations. I remember the ole stuff like VO5 hot oil treatments, Infusium Leave in Treatment, Ultra Sheen Hair Food

The best moisturizers for Black Hair
The best moisturizer were the ones for jerri curls World of Curls oil moisturizer was my favorite. It wasn't really a guessing game back then, the did what they claimed to do, wash, condition, easy comb-out.

Current products are making claims of rapid hair growth, altering curl patterns without chemicals, adding human-like proteins to the hair etc. Its no wonder we are all blinded by the celebrity endorsements, classy advertising and innovative packaging.

***I wish we could go back to when I was a kid, when shampoos didn't dry out the hair, when a little hair pomade and 2 scrunchies where all you needed to style your hair.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Who is DR Miracles?

This is you "Dr Miracle"- Brian Marks

It funny how we black folks are targeted and victimized by our want to altered hair, I have always been offended by the coonery ads for this product. They always make the woman with pronounced African features looks a hot mess, hair ratty, mouth screwed in crazy expressions and when she's put back together by the "Miracle" her hair is straight and she's  a lighter skin tone. I can't believe we still fall for this mess but we do and will continue to because we give a power and energy to keep this false advertising going.

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