Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Best Flat Iron

For all my sistahs who still do the press n curl I strongly suggest you get the latest technology in flat irons. Did you know they know come with a Wet to Dry function. It actually straightens the hair better when its wet! The one I have is called Da Vinci Wet to Dry ceramic flat iron. This is the truth for the straight look with the permanence of a relaxer. Toubaline and Fouruk makes a wet to dry flat iron. To my knowledge the one I have isn't widely distributed yet but I'll keep you posted on how to get one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Natural Sistah- Oh Please!

I decided to poke around to see what everyone has been talking about with respect to natural hair and I have to say that I'm a little ticked off by some of the comments made by my natural sistahs. I guess I see the hypocrisy with the finger pointing and the name calling that "we" often do and I find it really unnecessary to tongue lash someone who wants to wear straight hair or better yet, someone with naturally straight hair. You guys pic one aspect of "being black" and everybody runs with it because its the easiest to change, but the facts are that no one is pure in blood and along with saying no to perms you need to say no to :

Jeans- originally from France
Chicken- Asia
High Heel Shoes- Europe
marriage ceremony- Roman law

And I can go on. Now this is my blog so I voice what I feel here, but if you do a little research, you will see that we have lost every aspect of our culture and it really doesn't even matter how we wear our hair any more. If you really want to embrace your true self, then you would have to give up many "norms" not just relaxers and weaves. Colonialism has changed more than our way of thinking: its changed our DNA! I think we need to love each as human beings first!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why I do Straight Styles and Hair Extensions

I did a client the other day and she comment on how my hair was so pretty. I thanked her for the compliment but before I could finish she said she would never let someone do her hair that didn't have locs too. I told her that creativity is creativity, and the ability to create beautiful natural styles doesn't start with your own hair necessarily. I think her views are shared by many, and that was one of the reasons why it took me so long to loc my own hair. I didn't want to offend my straight haired or weave haired clients, so even though I wanted to loc my own hair, I gave up the wish and decided that it wouldn't be a good business move.

I don't think there is a stylist who doesn't have a preference for certain styles: I know I do! But to say that you wouldn't trust someone on your hair if they didn't wear the particular style you want is a bit limiting. If you are serious about your craft, you should be able to do HAIR, period. I love locs and twist and braids. I also love the illusion of a weave that's razor cut and blown dry to perfection. I've relaxed "Caucasian" as I have "black" hair. I love hair!! I take an artistic point of view. Are relaxers harmful? Studies have shown that they are, but so is color and even the blow dryer you use let out harm radiation. Do I hope my daughters stay natural? I sure do. It's a simplistic lifestyle a less toxic lifestyle. But inevitably we all have to make the choice of what can and cannot live with. I realize I can't live without cable t.v., my laptop(more radiation),mashed potatoes and honey roasted peanuts. Oh and I almost forgot:SEX!!He he^)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sisterlocks Video

Hey guys, I thought you might like to see my Sisterlocks in real-time. I am still working on my natural hair videos. Here I am talking about Sisterlocks and how fierce they can look-Check Me Out!

I just finished my instructional video copulation: it features my Perfect Series"Perfect No-Knot Cornrows" Perfect Spiral Hair Weave" and Perfect Weightless Press& Curl"

I wanted to do a copulation to get stylists ready to offer a variety of services to there natural haired clients. With this video you will be ready to create looks like an expert. Think editorial magazine level of hairtsyling and you should get an idea well trained you'll be. Also I demonstrate how to do a full head weave on natural hair with NO BULKY, LUMPS or BUMPS. Just because your clients is natural doesn't mean you can't put in a weave that looks like her its her own. NO MORE CONE HEADS!!

And for those who are stumped because you don't know how to get that bouncy new relaxer look without perming your hair, I've created the "Perfect Weightless Press". Bouncy straight looks that are temporary can be yours, you just need to know how to do it.

I'd love some feed back on what you'd like to see as well. I'll Unzip my brain for you and let you know everything that I've learned in 16 years- just ask!

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