Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Hair

Keeping yourself stress free is the best for your baby and you. Your hair usually grows rapidly from the increase in hormones at this time. You should keep naural products stocked and do not color your hair while pregnant, not safe for the baby. Lavendar essential oil is great for the scalp and rubbing the belly with grapeseed oil is good for the skin. Eat lots of fruits to be in a happy state and read as much as you can for a smart baby.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Sisterlocks Clean

Keep Sisterlocks clean by applying "light oils" to the scalp. Stay away from goo like shea butter. a good moisturizer for the skin but for Sisterlocks, it just attracts dirt. I don't like to use conditioners either. Why? Because they contain liquid plastics and waxes that can build up in the locs over time. The weight of product buildup is what thins the locs from from root so be careful. Use grapeseed oil its a great light oil for the hair and the entire body. Good for eczema too^)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Keeping Dandruf Away

Hey ladies! I just wanted to give some tips on keeping your scalp dandruf free If you suffer from bad dandruf it is a systemic problem and usually comes from dehydration. If you eat high sugar and salty foods and greasy foods that could be the cause of your problem. All these dry the body from the inside and SUGAR is the beast that causes nerve damage, blindness, fibroids, lupus and countless other disorders. You can rub some vegetable glycerin and grapeseed oil on your scalp if you have big flakes but it is really about checking your stress levels and diet.


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