Sunday, July 29, 2012

S Curl Activator Great for comb-out on natural hair

Lately I've been rely thinking about products I used on my hair when I was a kid. We didn't have all this classification stuff like 3a or 4c hair. Hair was hair. Everybody in the house used the same shampoo and conditioner and nobody's hair fell apart. Now we have to worry about shrinkage and protective styling and all these other catch phrases that get on my nerves a little bit.

But I digress.

S Curl Activator for Easy Comb Out on Natural Hair
 I have dusted off one of my tried and true products, dare i say S Curl Activator Spray and let me tell you, this stuff still works on managing kinks on dry kinky hair. The product main ingredient is glycerin and the fragrance is very mild and pleasant as well. You can use it on wet or dry hair natural hair to aid in combing out any tangles and prepping the hair for what ever style you are going to do.

 I will say that if you plan on using a curling iron for your styling, it will be a bit of a challenge getting a firm curl because of the glycerin and other ingredients in the product. But non the less, its cheap and work instantly. I love it for my daughter too and her hair is 4C type as well.

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