Friday, August 06, 2010

Permission to be Beautiful

I am still amazed at women still asking permission from husbands to adorn certain hairstyles. Don't you see a problem with someone having that much decision over how you want to represent yourself. Before you met him you had style, you had your own idea of what was attractive so what has happened to you since getting married or having a boyfriend. Does he ask for your blessing to buy things that he feels are useful? Does he check-in with you before hanging with the boys or wearing a new outfit.
You are a companion to your husband not is servant and if you have a relationship were you have o check in with him to wear your own hair, he is probably doing the same thing with his other women too(if you caught that). It really is time for sistahs to support each other and collectively embrace what we consider beautiful. We cannot blame a wandering eye if what he sees in us is an imitation of the real thing(European ideals of beauty I mean).
When will you stand up for yourself! To a man ,Confidence is more attractive than obedience any day of the week just ask all those submissive women if doing what he asks you  to do will keep him at home and in your bed alone. To wear your natural hair is a statement to the world that you are perfect as you are and how the creator(your mother) made you. Don't ask for what you desire, take it! That is your right!

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