Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love Your Hair

Me and "Roots" star Ben Vereen


I love it when I can be myself around anyone. I met Ben Vereen today and he was so complimentary about my hair and my look. I am definitely not "normal" in the way I style my hair. But its always nice to get acknowledgment from people you respect. 

He went on and on with kind words about my look and I want you ladies to know that  you don't have to spend your life wishing you could look like anyone else, all you have to do is find your own swag. Your hair is the most powerful representation of your personality, your awareness and really how well you care for yourself. 
You just need to start exploring different hair styles, especially the ones love but are afraid to do. If its a dream, then its is suppose to be yours, that is the bottom line. Push through the sea of mediocrity and find your niche, black hair can get you there! READ OUR REVIEWS ON YELP WRITE ONE! Comb My Hair

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jewelry for Dredlocks

We all can get a little bored looking at the same hair style day in and day out. Locs are like our babies and we can't bare to part with them but sometimes we need to 'dress' our hair just to feel renewed and reinvented. I so love reinventing myself, and loc jewelry is a great way to revive a stale loc style. The picture here is a 3 piece Rasta Dreadlock jewelry set made with red, yellow and green beads with cowrie shells.
I think loc jewelry gives a woman a sense of royalty. I have been tempted to make my own loc jewelry for some time now and I came across this sistah on You Tube. She explains this easy way of making your own loc jewelry. This sistah is into the barter system so if you have a skill or can trade service for product you may be able to swap with her.

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