Monday, December 19, 2011

My Big Chop 3 weeks in!

So I did the BC about 3 week ago and I am still excited about my new look. Its amazing how you pay attention to other things when you are not fussing or worrying about hair. I have taken hobbies once abandoned, I am looking for other ways to create uniqueness,my dress has changed even my skin care regimen has tightened up sine cutting my hair; I assume its because I have no hair to hide behind and every blemish is showing now.

But I like the force re inspection that have 'no hair' has given me. I pay attention to how I walk, how I talk, nothing is let unchecked. I do know that we has women can become complacent when the hair is the only focus, We tend to forget about our body, we don't nurture our minds with positive reading, people. I am a little obsessed with seeing the BC (big chop) on other women, watching their progression, seeing how their styles develop along with the hair. It amazing how much cuter we get when the focus isn't on obtaining 'length", check it!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Length Check for Natural Hair

Length Check
Well that is why a recently cut all my hair off. I got tired of the ponytail, length checkin thing and decided to just be a little exposed. I've been short before,but the meaning for me now is a statement as well as a style.
 I want women to see that beauty is not connected to the length of your hair, or its texture. You are really not fooling anyone but yourself if you think attractiveness and "hiding flaws" are equal. Are you kidding me. Your body language, the tone of your voice, the way you carry yourself all send signals of confidence.
Hair is an accent for women, true indeed. But your hair's length somehow making you more feminine?

Naw, Check your yourself on that one. If you are neglecting your body by lack of exercise, poor eating habits, negative thoughts, a bang or shoulder length hair will not conceal that! Come on Ladies, Its time to get real about your hair, your life and do what needs to be done to improve your whole self. Hair primping is great but spend some of that time on the other areas of your body or spirit as well. And stop all this length check shit please.. its ridiculous!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transitional Hair Styles

Transitional Hair style

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The best way to go from relaxed hair to natural is by wearing styles that are gentle on both your natural and relaxed hair. The less you pull, and comb your hair, the better it will be for the transition, I recommend protein treatments every few months, deep conditioners and light hair oils for daily maintenance.

I also recommend trimming as you go as well. This will help reduce shedding and breaking. If you can avoid intense heat from flat irons and hot combs, you'll be helping to keep your natural curl pattern, as heat sometimes can damage the hair.

Remember your hair is curly, whether it tightly curled or loosely curled, its still curls, so the best styles for transitioning are curly hair styles, like rods set, roller sets, straw sets etc.. This way you can camouflage the 2 textures so that it will look like one texture instead of thick roots with stringy ends. Find US ON YELP!Comb My Hair

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