Saturday, December 01, 2007

Free Teleconference Coaching

Hey ladies, I have been talking about health so much these days because I am really passionate about looking and feeling good. I want all of you ladies who are ready to make a change to come join me for a Free Teleconference Seminar.
You will find out more about me and how I lost my excess weight. You will also get a jump start on your own weight loss goals.

The purpose for this free seminar is to get all my sisters ready for the new year. Don't wait for your transformation, TAKE IT!

This weeks topics will cover

Soy, is it really good for us?

The one thing you should consume right now to stat your weight loss program

The one food to take out of your menu for rapid weight loss

What exersizes can transform your body quickly

Mind set(90% of problem)Learn techniques to change your mindset for permanent weightloss.

To join dial; 616-712-8000 ,when prompted dial access code 720538#

at 6 p.m. eastern standard time Sunday December 2, 2007 join me for fun, education, and motivation

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I just wanted to show you guys what I looked like before losing 80 pounds. I thought that it was my cross to bear. This was what I was supposed to look like. I didn't have the courage or the know-how to transform my body into what I thought was ideal.

How many of you are thinking "This is how God made me, I can't change!" Well my friends, weight is one of the few things that we can control.
I grew up in a typical West Indian home; curry goat, rice&peas, bake and shark, stew pork,rum cake, sorrel,roti, breadfruit etc..

I was a food slut! If you offered it to me, I ate it. I remember waking up in the middle of the night(3am) and I'd heat up a whole plate of food and eat for an hour, then go back to bed.

It was comforting to me, or so I thought.

I'd go on crash diets. One week it would be only packaged juices, then I got a juicer and went on a juicing frenzy and even juiced POTATOES(yuk!), then I would take pills and my hands would shake so much that I couldn't work, then I drank milk for a week on the advice of someone(whew! that was gross), then I ate only meat for a month, then I drank 2 gallons of water a day for a week(I thought I would explode!)Then I did 1 meal a day and ate bubble gum when I was hungry^(

I have done it all, and they all failed. As you can see, most of them I couldn't sustain for more than a week.
Eating habits, to be successful, needs to be something you can maintain for the duration. No crash diets or fads. THEY DON"T WORK!

You could get a head start on your New Years resolution and start your transformation today.

Start with getting rid of the red meat:
1)It takes too long for your system to digest
2)causes bloating and heavy menstrual flow
3) Has no nutritional value
4) Full of bacteria and disease(MAD COW ANYONE)
5)Overworks the body and causes premature aging
6)Makes you smell fowl(in your intimate parts)
7)The cows are being fed dead animals in their feed, forget the "Little House on the Prairie" images and envision cows with cancer being fed paper, cement and dead animals.

Start throwing out the red meat today. Your arteries will thank you^)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What if everything you thought about instantly manifested into existence? What if every thought that you've had today suddenly became real.

Would that be a good thing for you or a bad thing ? If you said bad, it's probably because you are thinking negatively about yourself or something in your life, and although you cannot see your thoughts manifesting instantly into the physical world that we "reality" ,you've still set the heels in motion for those thoughts to take shape.

You had to think about what to wear this morning before you put it on. You thought about what eat for dinner tonight.

You thought about breaking up with your boyfriend before you did it.

There is nothing you can do that does not require thought first.

You may have thought to yourself, "I'm ugly, or I'll never get married, or I'm not a good mother", well guess what! Just as your thoughts made you decide to wear that dress or brush your teeth, your thoughts are also directing the negative internal dialog that says I'm fat, or I'm stupid, or I'm poor.

Your thoughts move you to manifestation. Your thoughts are waves of energy.
Everything has energy. You, me, and apple, an ant, a rock... The more positive your thought(energy) is, the faster it will flow to you. The more negative the energy(thought) is, the slower it will move.

Its like food. All food has energy. Positive foods or high energy foods move though your body quickly(easy bowel movements, clear skin, energy). Low energy foods move though the body slowly(constipation, acne,cancer).

Energy flows though the blood.
In order to raise your hand, electrical impulses are carried to your brain through your blood. Keep this in mind the next time you eat meat. When you eat meat( chicken, turkey, fish, pig etc..) think about thought patterns of the animals as they were being slaugtered for tonights meal. What ever thoughts were locked into the animals' blood before it was killed ,now becomes your own because you consume the blood too.

Keep the blood clean so that your energy(thoughts ) can flow freely.

Think clearly. Think Positively

Everything you do, say or think with repeated focus will manifest itself. So make it something you want.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Was

This was me before I have up all the meat and refined foods. At my heaviest 250 pounds of sadness. So unsexy! So when I tell you that I've been where you are, here's the proof! Decide today that this life is your gift and that you will do hatever it takes to be the woman you dreamed of. hat you think about and what you focus on build in energy and intensity. Focus on what you want to look like, talk to yourself everyday. You may not be 100% everyday, but that inner voice can get you centered very quickly.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Raw Pinapple Coconut Cheese Cake

Yes by people, this is a totally raw dessert! I made the crust from crushed almonds, dates and raisins. The filling was made the milk from a Thai coconut, soaked dates, coconut oil, fresh pineapples, soaked cashews, 2 lemons and a pinch of allspice. I blended the filling until smooth I spread the mixture on top of the almond crust and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

This is truly a satisfying dish for the sweet tooth person.

I'll say it again, raw is the best way to go for beauty and overall health.
some of the benefits I've seen from eating this way are:

No body odor
easy bowel movement(frequently too)
weight loss
increased energy
no metal flog
extremely calm
peaceful sleep
tighter skin
glowing skin
No bad breathe

The reasons for all this is because of less oxygen being used to digest the foods I am eating. I would say to start with having a smoothie in the mornings. A simple one would be the spinach/banana smoothie. You'll get all the fiber, minerals, potassium you'll need to carry you through the day. I especially like this drink for smoother bowel movements. EVERYTHING COMES OUT!! plus it tastes good too. Just take 2 ripe frozen bananas and one bunch of spinach and blend until smooth.

It is really important for those who have blood sugar problems to get enough greens into their diets. Also get some Irish Moss (its rich in 102 minerals) and add that to your smoothie too.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raw Spaghetti for my Sistahs

Ok folks this my Raw Spaghetti. This is a completely raw dish: nothing cooked. I made the sauce from fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, dates, onions, celtic sea salt, fresh dill and thyme. The noodles portion is made from zucchini thats been sliced into thin spirals resembling pasta.

The cheese topping is made from soaked pine nuts, sea salt, nutritional yeast. I blended everything together until smooth and just put some on top of my sauce that was also blended. yummy^)

I know you guy are this working off the holiday turkey but I want you to seriously think about the raw food diet. It i a much healthier way to eat. Want to have rapid weight loss- go raw ladies and the weight will fall off of you.

I love eating raw because the body doesn't have to lose so much oxygen to digest the food. Have you seen people you are totally raw?

They look so beautiful. They have reversed the aging process and allowed there bodies to heal. Don't weight until after the holidays to start your diet program.

Get a head start on your diet right know.

Don't cook your greens any more! Have it in a smoothie form. It's the easiest way to get your daily amount in a delicious way.

Get ome ripe bananas, cut them up and freeze them.

Take a bunch of spinach, put them in your blender along with a little water(2 cups)and add about 2-3 ripe frozen bananas and blend until smooth.

This is a delicious way to get your greens in with all the nutrients left in tact, and because your not juicing it all the fiber is left to do its work in your intestines. No more constipation yahh!!!

Ladies don't tell yourself that you can't do this. You can do better for yourself.

Don't just top with leaving the relaxer alone. There is o much more to this transformation than just embracing your natural hair. It's about natural living too!

The next time you have a craving for turkey or chicken, think about how all the cancer, bacteria and feces your eating. You ay you need protein? Broccoli has protein, almonds, spinach etc.. The only thing you get from animals high cholesterol, infections,heart attacks, diabetes and the list goes on and on.

I love my sistahs and I know for a fact that true transformation starts with a clear mind, and if you consume a high meat based diet as well as refined foods, you are crippling your mind and body and soul.

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