Friday, November 19, 2010

Sisterlock Specials

Ok, I am taking away all excuses and hesitations for getting your Sisterlocks right now. For a limited time you can get your SL's starts right for just $375. I am doing this because of the economic climate right now and the fact is we just need to help this revolution move full force into 2011. It rebirth time ladies. Join Me. Call 478 501-7836 for a consultation.
Some restrictions apply, call for details

Personal Style

Lately I have been changing my personal style to reflect comfort and ease. I guess I have always been a tom-boy of sorts, but I finally have said enough with the lace and high heel pumps. I am soooo Marion Jones its not even funny. I love and think an athletic body is very sexy. Not to hippey or busty, just strong and tight. I have been boxing for a few months now and I notice the looks that men give me now, ha ha. Its more of  a damn than a deeeamn! Lol but thats ok. I like what is staring at me from the mirror so if I never seen a pair of open toe sling backs again, I'll be fine. Oh and by the way, my sisterlocks this look good even when I'm sweating. It took me sooo long to be comfortable with who I am and I thought I was there but realized that I was still putting on airs for people. I guess since my B-day is in a few hours I am channeling a new energy. To thine own self be true!

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