Saturday, September 25, 2010

Natural Hair Care

I take Sea Moss and Kelp everyday and herbal supplements for my hair and body. Greens grow the hair fast and makes it thicker too.Just because you have locks does not mean that hair care goes out the window. Sisterlocks and weaken and break just like any other type of hair style. Smelly, broken, and lint-filled Sisterlocks are not only unattractive but represents bad hygiene. If we are to dispel connotations about natural hair and locs, then take little time to pamper  and groom your hair. I love Jasmine, Rosemary essential oils, can't forget vanilla too.
Women from other cultures are known for the grace and beauty, what is the American Woman known for. Are we known for our beauty, poise, charity etc.. Check yourself. Hairy chins, bad breath, worn out underwear, sweaty locs etc... No excuse for this ladies. We are the cream of the crop. Ageless, timeless, its time we own the title of Goddesses. Care for you hair as if its a part of you because it is...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take Care of Yourself

 As I said in earlier posts, castor oil is an excellent mositurizer and hair conditioner. I had issues with y hairline thinning and the castor oil is really making a difference in the appearance and the thickness of my hair. Do do mix it with cinnomin essential oil and do a 5 minute massage daily. You really won't need another oil this is the cure all, I call it.

Please start doing whats needed to take care of yourself, as I approach the big 40 I see how important it is for me to take the time to nourish my skin, hair, body etc.. It needs a helping hand now, for the results of neglect are quick and swift with no mercy...

Styling Junkie

I know I've been a victim of it too, always wanting to create a new look with my sisterlocks. I remember when I first started out, I'd be roller setting my hair every other day, adding spritz and oils, scarfing it to keep the frizzy hair in place. I was a fanatic about my hair when it was supposed to be a care free style. It cost me a few locks too. The coloring constantly and the tight pony tails thinned my hair line.

I think we have to learn to love it as it is. If you plait your Sisterlocks in four big braids, no should ask you want your going to do with your hair, Why can't that be considered a hair style? Why are curls, or waves, or updo's considered hair style and no other form. Why not let it hang and just be, thats a style. The "loc" itself it the style. We torture ourselves so much trying make our hair smooth and flat, neat or curly. The benefits sometimes get lost in translation. Most women who have long hair do not do much with it. If you ask them I'd bet they tell you that they style their hair once in a while, follow simple committed hair care regimens, eat right etc.. No fuss...

I am all for being Divalishous but these days, not at the expense of the health of my Sisterlocks. If you are coloring or styling and notice thinning as a result, you need to stop and find some gentler ways to groom your hair, and for color over lapping is usually the reason the locs get weak, you may need to add protein conditioners like Ultra sheen or

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moisture for Sisterlocks

When your Sisterlocks have fully matured and you can start conditioning treatments on a regular basis, I suggest to add castor oil as a  major part of your regimen.  I have found it very conditioning for my own locs and doing a little more research about this Castor oil, I found that its so good for other aliments as well. If you follow my you tube videos I demonstrate exercises for the ovaries and to firm the breasts as well.
Using Castor oil along with a 10 minute breast massage is going to firm the breasts in no time. This oil pentrates into the skin, regenerate skin tissues and removes cysts and tumors. Castor oil backs can be used for topical treatments of the liver and kidneys. A drop of this oil in each eye for about 3 months has been said to cure cataracts too. If you suffer from yeast infections, this oil will take it away in a day or 2.

It will thicken hair and help prevent more hair loss. Put a few drops in scalp and massage for a few minutes, add tea tree oil, or eucalyptus for more circulation.

 I mix mine  and apply it daily with a little jasmine essential oil and apply it to my breasts, vagina and hair.
Please try it, yall know I aint for no hype, Im telling you it works!

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