Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lock Styles

Sometimes I get sooo jealous of traditional loc wearers and there big hair, especially when Its styled soo cute like my client here. I really would be at a loss without my locs. They have become like my children. I watch them grow and change and hope they'll never leave me, lol. Being natural is soo beautiful, how could anyone think that we are not pretty and well groomed. I do a lot of styling and will be posting up pics of loc styles often. keep checkin and if there is anything you want to know about Sisterlocks, give me a shout at my website

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I hate my Sisterlocks?

Ya know, I thought I was liberating women with Sisterlocks until I began to hear comments they would say about their hair. I realized that this is just another level of subjugation for some women. so many of us who have sisterlocks seem to still attach pretty with being 'neat'. "I don't like to see no fuzzy roots" or "my edges are real nappy" is what I would hear often from us Sisterlock girls. I question the self the love for our hair because if with this i still hear tones ,though subtle, of  disdain with our hair. it has to be curled, braids down, twisted out, scarf it, stretched and pinned to be something to admire. Don't get me wrong, I love my hair and the crazy things i do with it but I am at a point where I can see my nappy edges and feel just as polished and beautiful NO CURLS at all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Laila Ali Speaks Her Mind

Listen to her speak, its time to take back control of who we are. You have responsibility to each other

Muhammad Ali Amazing Interview PT 1

Listen to some of his words. You can be do what ever you want to doing this life. Put energy to it!

Thanksgiving Sisterlocks

I could say instead of spending all that money on fattening food, you should get your Sisterlocks installed but would be selfish of me now wouldn't it? But I will say this. You have a chance now as the year approaches a close to be better, to do better for your body, your spirit. Stop acting like a drone. You don't have to adhere to tradition if you know its unhealthy for you. When will we see that all that we desire must manifest... While filling your bellies with 'good food' think about what you really want from this life and how you are going to represent life from this point on. Sisterlocks as liberated a lot of female minds from depression, surpression and abuse of their person. Can a hairstyle do all that? Its the first step many women I've had the pleasure of styling.

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