Friday, January 04, 2008

Decide to get Sisterlocks

So the new year brings new things. What have you committed to this year. Have you decided to live more green this year, maybe workout more, or no more perms.

All are good things to do for the new year. Sisterlocks is the gift that keeps on giving. By that I mean that usually people who decide to do Sisterlcosk usually focus on other areas of their lives as well. Somehow it draws our attention to a cleaner, toxic free way of living. I know that I made this commitment after my father had passed away. It was my revelation that life was too short to wait for approval from other people. It was clear that once your gone, you become a memory and a distant one for those not so close to you.

Have you decided to do Sisterlocks but are afraid of what you may look like or what people might say? This my dear is an assumption that the whole outcome will be a negative one. Why do we do this. Why is it so easy to look for the worst in everything?

If Sisterlocks is something that you feel you want, then go for it^)

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