Monday, January 08, 2007

Sisterlocks(tm) for 07'

So what will you do for the New Year? I hope you decide to get Sisterlocks(tm). More sistahs are realizing the awesome look of Sisterlocks. No other natural hair care system will give you the versatility and the sexiness that these micro-sized locs can give. Hey,I understand the emotional attachment that we have to hair. And with Sisterlocks you won't have to shorten one strand to get it started. What's even better is that your hair will grow long and strong! I can honestly say that my hair has never had any length until I got Sisterlocks. Feel proud! Be inspired! Be Sexy! If you are not satisfied with your image, allow me to help you turn it around. Now Sisterlocks aren't cheap, but I really believe that a great self image is worth it's weight in gold! My prices for 07' are as follows:

retightenings: $125 per session
consultations $25
sisterlocks package starts at $700 and up (depends on length, thickness, loc size etc)

Take your time and browse and talk with stylists who do the Sisterlocks. I am a master hairstylist, loctician and Certified Sisterlocks Consultant. Check with the official website where you will find my name listed under Georgia consultants,

Make this year your best ever. Look the way you want, feel the way you want, be who you've always wanted to be!

Happy New Year!

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Jessica U said...

Hello I am very interested in getting sisterlocks. I recently moved to Georgia. I was wondering how far is Macon from marietta? Currently I have kinky twist (with fake hair). I've been natural for about 6 months.I've been trying to find a consultant.

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