Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Raw

Hello folks, I just thought that I'd touch on eating habits today because of the recent death of my cousin. He died at the age of 39 from a heart attack! People we have to get a handle of what we take into our bodies. Lets not stop with going natural when it comes to our hair. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease is like a plague and too many sistah are recoving from breast cancer among other things. Try to incorperate more fruits and fresh vegetables into your diet. I was a Juice Man Juicer fan before but I realize that the fiber is really what we need to sweep out the colon, control blood sugars and maintain weight.


I typed that in bold because I am screaming this point home to you. It's basically cooked DOO_DOO and they pump the meat full of steriods and antibiotics just so we can eat it without dropping dead immediately. The fat from meat lines the arteries which eventually leads to heart attacks, diabetes and stokes and so on.

Diabetes is not caused by eating to much sugar.
Its actually caused by a high fat diet! The fat in the blood blocks the cells from using the glucose that it gets from the food we eat. Being that the cells can't process the sugar floats around in excess in our blood with no where to go. Reduce the fat and use natural sugars like Agvae Nectar, Date Sugar or Maple syrup and whenever possible just have fruits like oranges, grapefruits,grapes(No Bananas)

I am eating about 80% raw foods and I feel really good.

Whats raw Food? No cooked vegetables and nothing heated passed 110 degrees. My vita mix blender is a life saver whe it comes to eating raw. You can grind almonds into a fine flour, make smoothies with spinach and peaches etc. Its easy to get a bounty of greens if you have it in delicous smoothies. You can also make cheese(no Milk) made from pine nuts or cashews. Raw foods are very sexy and make you look younger too!


QueenLi said...

I'm sorry to hear that about your cousin.

I really need to do something! I gained back the 15 pounds I lost last year. :( :( Now my skirts are tight once again!
It is not hard for me to go vegetarian, but how do you get a grown-azz blk. man to stop eating meat!? {fast food at that}.

I also need to work out. I'm thinking about putting down two mountain bikes on my Christmas list.

Take Care~

Julie said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for checking out my site and reading my blog. Yours is interesting too. Years ago I wanted to see my natural hair. I let the relaxer go. I wore braids for a year. My hair was beautiful, curly and thick. The maintenance on that curly style was really hard to maintain. So I went back to a relaxer. Wish I would have locked then. Your work is amazing.
~ Julie

Anonymous said...

I am working on the discipline to go Raw. What is wrong with bananas?
You meantioned else on your blog you lost alot of weight, did you do this through living foods?

So said...

i think i could honestly do an 80 20 raw diet if i made the effort. the 20 is good because sometimes i want a nice bowl of hot soup or veggie linguine. i'm thinking about getting a juicer too.

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