Monday, July 28, 2008

Remember What you have to do

I have missed you guys. I hope all is well^)Isn't being natural wonderful!! I will be adding new pics soon especially new styling tips for diva sisters. I am still adjusting to being single again. I have to say that I do like being alone so that my attention is on me and my interests, but I do miss hugs and kisses and all that lovey dovey stuff that comes with relationships. So until then, I 'll just hug and kiss myself^.

Are you guys doing your maintenance(coconut oil, veggie glycerin, no conditioner...)

Keep that hair off the pillow cases to avoid lint build-up

Dilute your shampoo 2:1 water:shampoo Shampoos can cause build-up in the hair too especially conditioning shampoos- Don't use them!

My head-wrapped sistas, get some sun on that scalp. Then sun is good for skin and scalp.

Drink your water(Gallon or 2 liters at least everyday) Remember our hair is carbon so we need oxygen to help it to grow (Water+ exercise)

Above all else, love yourself



Anonymous said...

thanks for your tips. what does the use of coconut oil, veggie glycerin entail?

rmcandlelight said...

Can you do some videos on some styles. I'm only 10 months locked I hear so much about you can create so many styles with sisterlocks but I see more styles on traditional locks than sisterlocks. Please show us your creations:)

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