Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sisterlocks For Liars!

You are liars! Yes I said it. If you are feeling insecure about getting Sisterlocks this means you have believed the lies you tell yourself or the ficticous words of others who claim to care about you that says "Oh I don't have the face for natural hair" or "My head is shaped funny so I don't know if I'll look right" or "It looks so good o other people but I don't think it will be right for me"

So you are a liar believing in the lies you place on yourself as you put off what you desire to represent because you fear that you somehow will not be loved. You think deep inside that people won't respect you, you won't get dates, you will seem unattractive to others,
Get you facts straight ladies honour what has been naturally given to you. Create images that your daughters can look up to so they can feel good about who they are. Self esteem effects your you, your family and community.


Chloe Bee said...

preach sista! some many women lie to themselves ALLL the time about their hair.. my hair isn't this or that.. its such bull and its really quite sad that they have so little love of self. and even if only for your children's sake they need to see that mommy their original beuatiful women can be natural and fly... for your sons and daughters...

Anonymous said...

Sisterlocks lied to me. "Get your locks and you'll be free!" They screamed. You loud liars. I am more a slave to this hairdo than I ever was to my plain natural hair. "Wait four to six weeks before washing it." What a crock of unsanitary Bullbutter! I smelled like a wet mop, had sores on my scalp, couldn't go in the ocean to swim even though I live on the BEACH! This response is not about hype. It's about hygene! Some of you smelly sisters need to clean yourselves, cut your hair and just be natural. Is either of you mean spirited "sistas" willing to stop stinking up the joint!
I love me natural and I am richer for it.

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