Thursday, January 21, 2010


The month is speeding by. Are you feeling better about yourself, your image? Are you taking the time to represent what you are inspired to represent? A sign of inspiration is a desire that doesn't go away. You've had it for years, some days its weak and some days it is screaming at you.
But it never really goes away. That, ladies, is not a fleeting want, it is "Potential" waiting to be manifested.
If you have always wanted to do something(SIsterlocks, Sing, Education) then now is the time to take some action towards it.
Imagine it as put you hand in blue water to see what treasures you can find. You don't see anything but you know there has to be something pretty down there. After careful examination a treasure appears. Its small and a little dirty, but your going to take it home and clean it off, your going to make a home for it, right?
You go back to the blue water the next day, but this time you are not looking for treasure, you just came to enjoy the experience. You are relaxed and happy and as you walk through the water you spot another treasure like the first one you caught earlier. You hadn't been in the water 5 minutes and you spot another one and another one.
What happened here?
You started to vibrate with the treasure. You held it, cared for it, made a home for it. It essentially became apart of you. So since you had made a personal connection with the treasure, it became easier to spot the next. it became easier to acquire the other ones you saw.
This is how life works. You do something and it becomes easier to do again, you eventually master it. This is Law! You have an inspiration,but you are not sure of the outcome, you move towards it and more help will appear to guild you to it.
It takes movement to make babies
It takes movement to make a meal
It takes movement to sing a song

And it takes movement to become the person you want to be...


.:jeni:. said...

oh wow, im happy i stumbled across you blog and read this post. i took a lot to heart

加油費 said...

wonderful ..................................................

Anonymous said...

Hi Salkis,

I love reading your blog. Your messages are always right on time. But I have a hair question for you. When I watch your videos you hair looks well groomed all the time. I mean every loc looks amazing. Is this because you do a fire trim on you hair for maintanace? Don't worry I have no plans on trying this at home but I was just curios. If I'm ever in you area I'll call you for an appointment :-)

NaTruly Me said...

I am doing something that makes me feel better. I have my installation appointment next weekend and I am so excited! Thanks for the encouragement!

Ashley said...

These words are absoulutely inspiring. No, more than inspiring, they seem as if they are made for me. As if i confided in you sub-consciously, and this was your guiding advice. With each sentence i found myself with my mouth wide open from understanding. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, it had made such a difference in my day, and outlook on life. I used to be dred until about the age of 14 or 15. it was strictly by choice and curiosity that me and my mom decided to dred our hair. then my sister followed. for years i would get endless complements about my locs, and i adored them. then out of curiosity i decided to comb them out , whc took me about 2 months!! Still i was left with a full head of natural hair. Then out of boredom, i relaxed my hair, and explored a variety of styles i missed out on while i was dred. I am now 22 and i find myself missing a big chunk of my identity. I cant seem to put my finger on why, but i keep changing hair styles every couple of weeks. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on perm, weaves etc... still at the end of the day i am yearning for a me i no longer see in the mirror. and by reading your blog entry, there seems to be a lightbulb flashing in my mind. I need to go natural, and back to my locks so badly that it almost seems like a physical heaviness on my chest. I saw a couple of pictures on your site, and almost burst into tears. My eyes are wide open and i would do anything to see myself the same way I did over 5 yrs ago. Please help me.

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