Monday, November 21, 2011

Healthy Relaxers for Black Hair

Relaxing your hair bone straight is very 80's, and there really is no need to do that theses day. Aside from making the hair extremely fragile, relaxing the hair too straight takes away all of the body from the hair.

With the invention of flat iron and other heat styling tools, there is absolutely no need to process your hair with a relaxer any longer than a few minutes.

I would even recommend pulling the relaxer through with a wide-tooth comb for about 5 minutes: that would just enough time for medium coarse curls to be stretched out into a curl/wave pattern, the you can let the heat from flat irons do the rest.

But ladies, If you know anything about me, you know I am a 'Curly Hair Advocate'. Yet I understand the needs for some women who still want to straighten the hair.

It would also be beneficial  when relaxing the hair, to leave as much curl pattern on your hair as you can so when you do decide to go natural, the textures will blend better and less breakage will be the result.


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