Sunday, August 05, 2012

Ultra Sheen Hair grease Old Faithful!

hair Grease for curly hair textures

SO in my quest to simplify my own hair care, I have been going back to products I used when I was a child. I am really overwhelmed by all the different types of products on the market now for curl hair types, and if you like me it can be frustrating to keep up with all the latest products. 

So if its maddening for me(and I'm a stylist) then I can feel your pain as well. One of my favs is Ultra Sheen hair grease. Oooh the smell reminds me of afro puffs and penny loafers, hop scotch and double-dutch too.

This was the go to hair product for our entire family, and my mom would grease my scalp with it after she wash my hair, then she'd put my hair in plaits and I was off to do what kids do best, play. I remember the shine it gave my very course, thick hair and the it was so much more manageable too.

 But today, with advertising of the potential health risks of petroleum and mineral oils, we now have a slew of high priced, so-called organic products that promise, softness, hair growth, hair sealing, protective hair hair and all the other catch terms that get on my freakin nerves.

So far the formula seems to be just as I remembered it was, thought its not a natural product, it does work for my hair and I love it as always.
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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. My hair seals wonderfully with blue magic and the jar is only $2.50 Those old school regiments had us all with long hair.

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