Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Coloring my Locks

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I am thinking of coloring my hair again. Right now it's a beautiful cranberry color,but I've been thinking of highlighting the front part some more. I want a summer color. I learn the hard way that locks are very sensitive to lighter colors and even after you have washed the color out, the color can cause degeneration of the locks. I take great care when coloring; I try not to overlap on the color which can cause weak spots. I would suggest that anyone coloring their hair in light like light blonde should use color instead of bleach. Bleach can cause locks to "pop" or pull apart like straw.

If you use semi permanent colors I found that Avatar is very good,and it doesn't fade fast at all. Great for relaxed hair too!


Slow Metamorphosis said...

Ohh where in queens are you located and do you do other hairstyles on natural hair as well?

Goodnapps said...

Thanks for the lovely comments and tips. Your business card is slamming! Lovely locks and color. said...

Hey, thanks a lot. I live in Queens, New York. Yes I do Sisterlocks, two strand twists, coils, kinky twists, cornrows etc

Lyriq said...

Hi Salkis,
Your locs are looking good. I can't wait until I have enough length for some spirals...and thanks for the coloring tips...I'mcurious but not quite there yet.

Bygbaby said...

I LOVE!!! Your hair color! Stumpled across your blog while visiting Brunsli. I am very partial to red hear & even have red locs myself.

Anyhoo; Peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Salkis,

I love your bob!! and the colour is fantastic. I have been using BIGEN for a numbr of years to colour my gray's and using the permanent. I now fancy colouring my hair in shades of dark brown but want to know if this is possible since I have been using permanents for so long.

Love from Dee

Busola said...

Your blog and photos are such inspiration. You are one of few richly melinated rawfood eating sistas I've seen have such a healthy look in your eyes. You appear to be fulfilled by what you ingest. Your eyes tell a very happy story. To explain my perspective: usually black women who are rawfood eaters tend to look hungry/starved/deprived in the eyes, no matter how healthy their body looks.

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