Friday, April 14, 2006

Frizzies be Gone!!

So you've had your locks for some years now and you keep all your appointment for lock grooming but it seems that you can't get rid of that frizz no matter what you ! Well no fear the answer is quite simple. It's called a "Fire Trim". It can be done on cultivated locks as well as Sisterlocks as long as your locks are "Mature". By mature I mean at least 3 years old depending on the texture of your hair. "Fire Trimming" is simply running a lit candle along the length of each lock while the hair is damp. Do not do it on dry hairbecause you will burn your hair off!! As you run the candle along the lock all the stray hairs will be scorch off leaving a perfect neat stray hair free lock. Just lightly run the candle along the length of the hair do not stop or hold the candle in one spot to long. The time to do it is after your hair has been shampooed; that way your hair is free of any product build-up and it will retain moisture longer than if you just used a spray bottle to wet your hair. You will notice that your locks will "tighten up" and it will become stronger too. The Fire Trims act as a cleanser or your locks if you have any lint or trapped grease it be melted away with this technique. Don't try to do this yourself; you don't want candle wax to drip in your eyes-nnot pretty!


Maryee said...

What a cool idea. I'll have to see if my sister wants to experiment.

Also, to answer your question, go by Walmart or any craft store. They have pipe cleaners there. Be careful of the ends, though. They can "stick" your scalp if not turned the right way.

Your Sisterlocks are beautiful! I love the color and how you share your journey through your blog.


brunsli said...

Your hair is beautiful! I love the style!

(though the fire trim sounds a bit scary)

Tanya said...

Hey pretty lady! You hair and makeup are both just beautiful! Thankyou for sharing your journey as well as tips. Be blessed always.

Goodnapps said...

oh my, what a technique. I don't know if I could be daredevil enough to try it though.

Ree-C said...

Thanks for checking out my spot. I love that style. It is really cute. What type of rollers did you use to achieve that style? Nice blog.

Tiana said...

Your hair looks beautiful, I love the color. Nice tip about getting rid of frizzies

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