Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grease Me Up!

Grease Me Up!

Ladies, Ladies, please stop suffocating your scalp with all that heavy grease. Why are we so programmed to believe our hair needs grease. Your scalp , if your healthy, produces all the "oils" your hair needs. If you really feel your hair is dry, try looking at the products your using. If your washing your hair with dish washing liquid( which is the equivalent to most shampoos on the market then yes, you will need to condition the hair. But lets set the record straight! All a shampoo can do is clean your hair; it's not going to make your hair grow or permanently change your texture. The only thing a conditioner does is smooth out the cuticle layer that you've just 'ruffed up" from washing your hair. It will not make your hair "healthy". The only thing that nourishes the hair is- Your Blood! Your blood is what carries nutrients to every body part you have, including your hair follicles. And besides, by the time your hair grows out of it's shaft, it's already dead anyway so put the grease down and stop making the "big manufacturers' rich. It's all a big head trip, and the companies with the big advertising budget are "banking" on it. If you want your hair to grow, the best things to do are:
eat right- fruits, veggies, grains , herbs( and limit your sugar intake)
drink water
exercise- this is the best scalp stimulator you can do. Get that blood movin and you hair will start growin!


Tra said...

Great post Salkis! Thanks for sharing the knowledge. It very hard to deprogram (lol). Thank goodness I had already begun to do so before I locked. (-:

andrea said...

I second that. I try to encorporate all that you included on your post. I'm still working on the limiting my sugar...I just love the taste of ice cream LOL. This is a great post and your hair is proof enough that you are taking great care of your body. What color are you using? I've wanted to do red for a long time, but couldn't find the right shade.

SL'd 3 years, 10.5 months

andrea said...

I forgot to ask. Do you cut, color, and style your own hair?


Avra Tucker said...

I don't know..... my scalp is very dry after I wash my hair with the sisterlock starter shampoo.. I scratch so bad that I'm surprised I don't have soars and scabs in my head. I am not going to even lie... but I put oil just on my scalp only like once a month.. maybe even twice when my scalp is "out of control" ... my loctician said it was okay as long as I just use it sparingly... any other advice? :)

Avra Tucker said...

Okay, thanks for the advice. I will definately try this and let you know how it works :)


Anonymous said...

Hello ladies,

I am thinking about getting sister locks. But someone said that if you ever want to go back to straight hair that you have to cut the locks out of your hair. Is this true? Are sister locks similar to dread locks just smaller? My biggest fear is the locks not looking great on me as everyone else, and would like to know if after a month can I go back to straight hair?


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