Saturday, December 15, 2007

Natural Wonders

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Sea Moss is good for the hair and skin as well body!
Sea Moss is a miracle food. I take this everyday for nutrients and provides 102 minerals. Its good for hypertension, helps to eliminate waste from the cells. It your mucous build-up, it will sweep it away. Very high in calcium, magnesium,and iron. It usually comes in powered form and sometimes looks green or red depending on where its harvested.

You can make a shake with it, sprinkle some in your soups and salads. I mix it with cold water(8oz) and drink it. Not the most appetizing, but I feel it is most effective this way. Oh, and it does a an "ocean" smell to it that some people find repulsive, but I say that if its good for the body, use it!

Its no more repulsive than eating seasoned poo-poo ^)(steak, chicken etc..

The best Sea Moss I have found is from This stuff will give you energy and curve your appetite too.

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