Friday, January 11, 2008

Sisterlocks and What it Means To Me!

Sisterlocks is on the move. Are ready to ride the wave? Are you letting your hairstyle keep you from being being a better you for the New Year. I remember when I first got my Sisterlocks, I immediately started working out more. I guess I wanted to put them to the test, see if they would hold up under extreme conditions. They did!

I think Sisterlocks is liberating because you don't have to think about your hair as much. You just get up and go. For us, I think to much time is spent on hair. Who has time to worry about curling hair in the morning, or finding the right angle to sleep in so you don't mess up your hair. That is to much work! I go to sleep looking I do, I wake up looking like I do, I workout and still look the same, I wash my hair and still look the same. Sisterlocks is about natural beauty to me.

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zeely said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! As someone who has had hair all my life, it was a pleasure to get sisterlocks and roam freeeeeeeeeee! I have never been more excited about my hair and am loving every minute of the journey. That extra time in the morning that I would have to spend on permed hair is put into longer meditation periods and fortification of my spiritual self so that I can go out into the world.

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