Sunday, February 17, 2008

Accept Payments for Sisterlock Services

I found this kool credit card processing company that works a lot like Paypal. I don't use paypal anymore because they froze my account after I opened a dispute for non delivery of a $300 dollar blender I purchased on Ebay.

Not ony did they lock my account, I had a few hundred dollars that I didn't transfer into my bank account yet, and they still haven't released my money to me. Do yourself a favor and move your money into your bank account as soon as you get it. You never know if paypal will decide to freeze your money.

I found AlertPay and they function very similar to paypal, its free to join and low transaction fees too.

So for you stylists who need a way to accept credits for deposits for services or maybe your selling jewelry and hair goods, you can send a request to pay forms. I use them to set up monthly payments for clients who want to pay for their Sisterlocks in installments.

Check them out now.


Docs Locs said...

Hey Salkis,

Another affordable option is

You don't need to rent or buy a card processor because it's all done online.

It's easy to set up recurring payments as well and you automatically get an emailed report if any charges don't go through!

Anonymous said...

Hi Salkis,

Interesting to read about Mineral oil and other products which can cause thinning of Sisterlocks. I am in despair of my hair which is naturally thin and now that I have so much lint in it I use Dark and Lovely Almond Oil rinse oil which definately darkens the lint so its not so visible. This product contains mineral oil as part of the ingredients and I wonder if this will do my hair any harm as i think there s only a fraction of mineral oil in the product. Any thoughts on this please??

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