Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is Shea Butter really good for Sisterlocks?

I read on the a sistahs blog that she uses an air can to blow lint out of dredlocks, I though I'd heard it all but this one is a first. Does anyone know where you can purchase an air can? Wow, the things we come up with!

Anywho, I was talking with a cosmetic chemist about 2 days ago, and we into a discussion about natural products.

I am going to develop a line of products for locks and natural hair textures.

When the chemist and I where discussing ingredients, the subject of She butter came up and he said something very surprising.. He said that shea butter is "Wood Glue"!

"What!, I said. He repeated it again although I had heard him very clearly. Its funny, but I had long since stopped using she butter to groom locks because I saw build up like the kind you see from using beeswax.

See, locks(Sisterlocks, cultivated locks, extensions etc..) act just like a cup and anything you put in it will held on to. Shea butter in particular is very tacky, especially in its raw form.

Now although I didn't agree with list of chemical alternatives he had given me, the shea butter thing did make sense. That's why I like Sisterlocks.

Sisterlocks keeps your hair clean, because no product is used.

Think about it. If you are starting locks, and you mold the hair with gel and lets say in 2 weeks you wash your hair(which is usually like 4 weeks for most people), by the time you get around to washing ,you're giving it a light shampoo, medium to low pressure water, and you are being really careful not to "disturb" the locking pattern you formed previously.

This means that most likely, you didn't completely remove the gel used in the first session. And now your adding more product to mold the hair back into the lock pattern.

This is the start of locks dirty hair too.

The critics where right!
Dreds are dirty and even with frequent shampoos and acid rinses, you will never get them completely clean. Just imagine putting grease on your face for 10 years without washing you face clean each time.

Can you picture the gunk!

Anyway, I would suggest an acid rinse(apple cider vinegar+ water) and add some dead sea salt to the mix too.

Sea salt pulls toxins from the skin and it can do the same for hair. Maybe about a tsp added to the mix should give you the boost you need.

Don't be a product junkie! Keep things really simple when you begin your Sisterlocks or traditional locs.

So remember you newbies, forego the pretty packaged, biodegradable ,non animal tested ,all natural Butters for now and concentrate on keeping the hair mildew free and light weight.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you can find canned air at stores like Office Max/Office Depot. The canned air is used to clear debris from computer keyboards.

Lakia said...

I do use an ACV rinse. Is dead sea salt found in the grocery store isle. Or do I have to go to a specialty store to find it.

Anonymous said...

Hi i just starteed and it is time for my first wash and retightening where can i get the items to wash and do i mix them up etc?

Docs Locs said...

Hi Salkis,

I gues it was in divine order that I happended upon this post this morning!

I was toying with the idea of using something to keep my 'kitchen' from slipping, but I'll try to be patient!

(hope my consultant doesn't happen upon this post!)

jaz-deal said...

I do on-line marketing and plan to add Ms. Low's business card to my network page.

I recently signed up for a site that will enhance the products and services I offer on-line.

Entering keywords: natural, hair, shampoo and system, pulled up your blog along with Ms. Low's website and I thought maybe you would be interested in her shampoo system.

I have used the product and it does encourage healthy hair as well as help damaged hair recover. Even with a hot comb; the natural hair really does have the chemical look without chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came upone a rinse for locks dont remember where but I tried it and it really works like a dream. Put some baking soda in an empty powder bottle and sprinkle all over hair roots stem, brach ect. then fill an spray bottle with lemon juice and spray on hair. It gets all the grease. You can also steam for a couple of minutes but did not find this neccesary. Hope this helps. No more gunky dirty locks.

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