Monday, February 25, 2008

Jewel Pookrum Speaks

http://I was going to save thhis for a later post, but I think we all need to hear this Sistah. If you want to change your life, get healthy, and be dynamic, Jewel Pookrum is the sistah to listen to. Enjoy


thinkingitover said...

i am getting sisterlocks this week and one question that has been on my mind is tipping my loctician.

I am getting my sisterlocks installed so I am paying 500 bucks. Am I expected to tip my loctician? I am a waitress so I don't leave bad tips, but if I was to go by 15 percent that would be an extra 75 dollars!

I am conflicted with this because I suspect that the 500 bucks is going to go solely to her anyway, unlike where I as a waitress have to give up tipshare, etc.

I can understand tipping her when i get my hair retightened... where the cost will be maybe around 100... o.k. some extra cash, cool.

But after I am already giving her 500 bucks in the first place?? I feel that may be just greedy (I don't know if she is expecting this so I don't mean to call her that, I am just saying--- SO MUCH MONEY!!!)

Could you please tell me when I am expected to tip? If at all.

Ayo said...

Jewel is interesting. We met a while back when I was in Detroit and again when we were both living in Atlanta. I'm sure she has no memory of me! Lovin' your YouTube videos, by the way!


katrina said...

She is in my area. I live right outside DC near Capitol Heights. I may check her out!

BTW, I LOVE your Sisterlocks. I have traditional locks. I will tell you, I have not seen anyone else's sisterlocks that I have liked as far as style

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Anonymous said...

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