Monday, February 25, 2008

Tips For Locks

Lock extensions can really move you straight into stardom without having to suffer the in between pain of unattractive, short hair. But please do not overdue it! Adding too much hair will only weaken the base of your locks and causes thinning of your own hair. For a firm extension, try using steam to seal the newly formed dredlock before you attach it to your hair. The steam is better than a blow dryer because the hair still keeps its shape. Just run it over the spout of a teapot and rest them on a towel to dry.

Do not do Nubian Knots to curl your locks!
This style is good on occasion the constant tight knotting of your locks will eventually break them off. I personally don't do them to style my hair. I either do a braid out or use perm rods or sponge rollers in different sizes.

Do not use Shea butter, beeswax, mineral oil
Use light oils and products that can easily wash out of your hair. If you use heavy products, over time this will weight your locks down causing thinning, breakage and bacterial growth.

When you color your hair try not to overlap the color(permanent color) because this can weaken the locks. And do not bleach or lighten the hair right after its been Sisterlocked. When you color the hair using bleach, it changes the texture of the hair and can lossen the Sisterlocks thereby causing slippage. I am sure you've seen sistahs that are blonde with curly hair! This is not because there hair texture is softer, its because the bleach causes light straightening of the hair.

A simple mix of cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water is an excellent hair conditioner!

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SisterlocksMD said...

I've seen loc extensions with a lot of product buildup and it's fused into your hair, I was considering them but I haven't seen a way to do loc extensions with sisterlocks

cheleski68 said...

hmmm i didnt know bantuknots broke the locks down...good tip

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should say that short is "unattractive". I have short sisterlocks and I love they way it looks. This is the curliest my hair has ever been naturally.Other than that I love your website.

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