Friday, August 29, 2008

Have Fear!

Yes, have fear if you want to change. You have to replace what you desire with the fear of never obtaining what you want!
For example, feared ending up like my father did.. Amputation, coma, heart attack... That was his reality before he died. I have a fear, a temendous fear that if I did ate what he ate,lived his lifestyle, I would meet the same fate. For me, the fear OF having that rack of ribs, or cheesecake has become bigger than the desire to have it. What do you fear? Do you fear being overweight for the rest of your life? Or maybe you fear that your partner doesn't love you as much since you gained the weight! Do you fear that your overall health is on a downfall. Do you fear that your mate won't like your natural hair? Replace it with a bigger one.

Fear that if you don't exersize, your going to start looking old and the love of your life won't find you attractive anymore.

Fear that if you don't make changes in your diet know, by next year you'll be on more medication or can't even afford the meds..

Fear that if you don't stop perming your hair

Guard your health with you LIFE!!

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So said...

There is a lot to be fearful of and many of those fears would disappeard if we as humans were willing to make changes within and of ourselves. I don''t exercise but I do eat healthy. I make a point to not eat processed foods, a lot of cheese and salt. There are so many good healthy foods you'll wonder why you even liked all that processed junk! Thanks for being an encouragement because there are so many people with so many excuses. Many Blessings

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